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What is Print Management?

Print management refers to the process of optimizing and administering the entire printing process in a company. It includes selecting the most efficient printing devices such as network printers or multifunction devices, managing print jobs, monitoring printing costs and consumables, and implementing corporate printing policies. The aim is to optimize workflows, increase productivity, reduce costs, conserve resources, and ensure the security of the printing fleet.

Powerful print management with ThinPrint

ThinPrint’s Print Management Software
Solves Your Printing Pain Points

Central print management for every environment

Central print management for every environment

With ThinPrint’s feature-rich printer management solution, you can manage print environments and printer fleets of all sizes centrally from one location. ThinPrint’s print management system, which integrates seamlessly into any IT architecture, allows platform-independent printing in all its diversity. Regardless of whether companies use Windows PCs, Macs, laptops, Thin/Zero clients, tablets or smartphones, and whether printing via RDP, ICA/HDX, PCoIP, TCP/IP or LPR, and if using local, multifunction, or label printers.

The print management software for the private cloud

ThinPrint is the ideal printer management software for companies that operate their IT infrastructure in a private cloud and use cloud print servers or are planning to migrate print servers to the cloud. ThinPrint guarantees compatibility with all printer models and enables flexible scaling and customization of the print environment. Employees always have access to the right printers and can receive their printouts immediately thanks to ThinPrint’s proven compression technology. ThinPrint’s cloud print management solution, ezeep, offers the full functionality of a print server in a Software-as-a-Service model with its serverless print management.

Print management software for the private cloud

ThinPrint is a print management solution for high-availability printing.

The enterprise print management solution for high-availability printing

Especially for large companies, stable, scalable and secure printing is crucial. ThinPrint’s printer management solution ensures high-availability printing through server clustering and dynamic resource distribution. An innovative early warning system also prevents spooler failures. Thanks to failover mechanisms and load balancing, companies benefit from disruption-free workflows and efficient printing processes. The ThinPrint LPD Service ensures highly-available backend printing from ERP/EMR systems.

The leading print management system for remote and virtual desktop environments

The leading print management solution for remote and virtual desktop environments gives you full control over virtualized print architectures, whether Microsoft, VMware, Citrix, Parallels or hybrid environments.

Print management for Microsoft, VMware, Citrix, and other environments
ThinPrint is the leading print management system for remote and virtual desktop environments.

Centralized print management for remote locations

Centralized printer management for remote locations

The ThinPrint Hub, a maintenance-free IoT device, replaces local print servers in branch offices (print server consolidation) and home offices. It enables integration of any number of printers into any company network and secure remote printing without a VPN. By using ThinPrint Hubs, which can be managed centrally and conveniently via the ezeep Management Console, you can significantly reduce your business print environment hardware and operating costs when integrating branch offices.

Print management ensures print security

ThinPrint attaches foremost importance to print security and enables GDPR-level data-compliant printing processes. All print data is transmitted TLS/SSL-encrypted, even end-to-end to the print device when using printers with integrated ThinPrint technology. Thanks to ThinPrint Secure Tunnel (ThinPrint Hub), companies do not need a VPN for secure printing in branch offices. ThinPrint’s secure pull printing solution further increases print security, as print jobs are only output to the printer after user authentication (release printing).

ThinPrint's print management system ensures secure printing

With the print management solution, printers are simply assigned automatically

Assign printers automatically

Regardless of how your company works, which devices are in use, how large your print environment is and where the company applications run (hybrid work), ThinPrint’s automatic printer assignment ensures that the desired network and local printers are always available with all print features, in all scenarios. The print management solution thus offers a convenient alternative to GPO printer assignment.

Powerful printer driver management

Driver-free printing technology eliminates the need to set up and manage printer drivers. Physical and virtual desktops as well as terminal servers remain driver-free, which prevents printing problems caused by incompatible printer drivers. All changes, such as adding new printers, switching to virtual desktops or integrating new workstations and branch offices, can be easily implemented. The printing solution also supports native printer drivers and is therefore ideal for label printing.

Powerful printer driver management for all use cases

Reduce printing costs and print sustainably with ThinPrint

Manage printing, reduce costs and enable sustainable printing

Printing can be an expensive business due to electrical, material and personnel costs as well as the time required. ThinPrint’s printing solution aims to reduce these costs and minimize administrative overhead. IT admins can enable print cost-saving settings such as duplex printing and black and white printing as standard. In addition, ThinPrint’s pull printing solution promotes sustainability by reducing the consumption of paper, toner and ink, thus reducing the environmental footprint of printing activities.

User-friendly printing thanks to the Printer Self Service

The Printer Self Service integrated into ThinPrint’s advanced print management solution enables self-service printer installation by the users. This relieves the burden on IT administration and help desk. Self-service printing reduces operating costs and the time required to manage the printing environment, and also reduces fault tolerance.

Easy printing thanks to Printer Self Service

Print cost management and transparency thanks to tracking and reporting tools

Print cost management and transparency thanks to reporting tools

The print management solution has a Tracking and Reporting Service that monitors the entire printing network and provides IT administrators with a company-wide overview of printing activities and printing costs incurred. The information collected on print volumes can be analyzed flexibly and in detail via a web browser. The ThinPrint Tracking Service meets internal and external compliance and auditing requirements in all industries.

Print Management for Every Industry & Scenario

The print management solution is suitable for any industry and business size, providing seamless printing for SMBs, educational institutions,
healthcare facilities, law firms, retail stores, service providers and more.

Smooth print management in the healthcare sector

In the healthcare sector, it is of the utmost importance that patient data remains confidential and that regulations are adhered to. In such environments, print management solutions must ensure that sensitive data is protected and print workflows are compliant with regulatory requirements such as HIPAA. ThinPrint’s pull printing solution ensures that patient data does not fall into the wrong hands. The ThinPrint LPD Service, on the other hand, provides consistent printing around the clock from EMR systems.

Application examples for ThinPrint in the healthcare sector:

Smooth print management in the healthcare sector
Simple print management for service providers

Simple print management for service providers

With ThinPrint, providers of hosted desktop solutions or industry-specific SaaS applications expand their range of services with the market-leading print management solution for professional hosting environments and offer their customers efficient printing. Thanks to Driver Free Printing, customers’ printers can be integrated without having to know their printer models or install drivers in the hosting environment.

ThinPrint in use at service providers:

Secure and efficient print management for banks and insurance companies

ThinPrint’s print management supports banks and insurance companies by reducing printing costs, optimizing document management, streamlining workflows and enforcing confidentiality throughout the organization.

ThinPrint in action at banks and insurance companies:

Secure and efficient print management for banks and insurance companies

What Our Customers Say

“The benefits of the ThinPrint Engine are particularly clear when it comes to managing drivers and improved printer handling.
Our service staff have a better overview of the print environment and more time to deal with other tasks.”

Kim Nilsson, IT Infrastructure Manager, Helsingborgs Stad IT


“Introducing ThinPrint secures high levels of quality and stability for our operations.
In our business efficient print processes are an essential requirement for effective application delivery.”

Laurent Karoly, Regional Director, M.I.S. at Bolloré Logistics


“Stable, rapid printing and the possibility for employees to help themselves in a very simple way
has considerably reduced our administrative workload.
Users no longer stop working just because printing is slow or a printer fails.”

Sascha Platz, IT Manager, Weinmann Aach AG 

ThinPrint’s Print Management Products

The on-premises and private cloud print management software

ThinPrint Engine

The on-premises and private cloud print management software for remote and virtual desktop environments.

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ThinPrint Hub replaces print servers

ThinPrint Hub

The ThinPrint Hub replaces local print servers in branch offices with a maintenance-free, centrally manageable IoT device.

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ThinPrint's secure printing software

Personal Printing

The secure printing software for cost-saving and flexible printing on shared company printers.

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ThinPrint's SaaS print management solution

ezeep Blue

ThinPrint’s SaaS printing solution for all scenarios. ezeep Blue is ready to go and free for up to 10 users.

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