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Printing remains a business critical function for many organizations and is key to a smooth user experience in virtual desktop environments. ThinPrint is the fastest and most secure printing solution available, enabling you to significantly increase the efficiency and flexibility of your Citrix environment.

As the pioneer in Citrix printing, ThinPrint was the first Citrix Ready print solution. Its extreme reliability is proven with over 100 Service Provider Partners and 25,000 corporate clients of all sizes, based in all industries.

Why ThinPrint is the Best Citrix Printing Solution

Here are the most important benefits of ThinPrint for Citrix customers:

  • Proven in more than 12,000 Citrix customer projects
    20 years of experience in over 12,000 Citrix projects with up to 180,000 users and a 100% focus on printing allow us to provide simply the very best printing solution for Citrix.
  • Ensures the best Citrix session performance 
    Citrix sessions are kept entirely free from the negative aspects of printing. Only ThinPrint supports connection-oriented bandwidth control, which assists even when multiple users are printing large documents.
  • Guarantees fast, reliable and secure Citrix printing
    ThinPrint guarantees the highest output speed and above all reliability in even the most complex systems and environments. ThinPrint combines different caching, streaming and compression methods, which can be used for any transmission protocol (TCP/IP, RDP, ICA/HDX). All print jobs are encrypted, even up to the printer if necessary. Additionally, load balancing for print servers and clients ensures even better performance.
  • Transparent, simple print management
    Centralization of Citrix print management and clear, easy-to-use tools significantly reduce the administration burden. Allocation of printers for hundreds of users is completed in just a few clicks.
  • Fewer helpdesk requests: One driver – all options
    Citrix printing has never been easier. Users are always assigned the right printer and the same print dialog is available for all printers. In addition, the reliability of print jobs through ThinPrint significantly reduces support requests.
  • High availability and scalability
    ThinPrint offers a new dimension of high-availability printing for Citrix. Load balancing and failover for print servers and clients consistently ensures reliable enterprise printing. ThinPrint verifiably reduces the demand placed on network infrastructure, printers and server hardware and, if worst comes to worst, gives you the options to get print systems back up and running within minutes.
  • Complete reporting of print costs
    Tracking and Reporting provide a full overview of printing costs and printing behavior per group of users, printers, and more. Predefined or customized reports clearly highlight further potential savings.
  • Support of Apple AirPrint™ for Citrix iPad sessions
    ThinPrint even extends printing to Citrix Workspace App (Citrix Receiver) sessions on iPads and iPhones to local AirPrint™-printers. More on mobile session printing »
  • Perfect support for print servers
    Central print servers allow printing environments to be easily managed and completely reduce the burden on application servers. ThinPrint optimizes and enhances Citrix’s print server approach (Citrix Universal Print Server). Thanks to ThinPrint, companies can benefit from the many advantages, without any compromises in terms of supported printing features, printing speed or printer mapping.
  • 100% Citrix support, fully tailored to your system architecture
    ThinPrint is entirely flexible as to where it is used and adapts to your system architecture – without any limitations. With Citrix Ready certification, ThinPrint offers seamless support for Citrix Virtual Desktops (XenDesktop), Citrix Virtual Apps (XenApp), Citrix Endpoint Management (XenMobile), Citrix Gateway, and Citrix digital workspace solutions.




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Find out how the Brazilian energy provider Energisa solves its Citrix printing problems with ThinPrint.

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