Serverless Printing for PCs and Macs with Cloud-Based Print Management

ThinPrint’s print solution ezeep enables fully managed Server-Free Printing. When it comes to serverless printing, also called direct IP printing, users print directly from their PC or Mac to a local printer without the need for a print server.

Until now, direct IP printing required complex print management, mainly because printer drivers needed to be manually installed on each user’s PC. This shortcoming is overcome by ezeep Dash which combines local IP printing with cloud-based print management. The result is that your employees print 100% on-premises, but your local print environment, including all printer drivers, is managed comfortably in the cloud.
Serverless printing or direct IP printing with ezeep Dash


  • Instantly ready for serverless printing
    In the ezeep cloud, the administrator sets up the users, selects the appropriate printer drivers and assigns the printers to individual employees or groups. That’s all! Now your employees can benefit from serverless printing.
  • Real serverless printing instead of complex print management
    You no longer need print servers. The entire print infrastructure is easily managed with just a few clicks in the cloud.
  • Extensive driver repository in the cloud
    ezeep has a large pool of printer drivers. IT administrators no longer have to first search for drivers and then upload them to the cloud – they can simply choose from a pool of thousands of printer drivers.
  • User-friendly Self Service Portal
    Via the convenient Self Service Portal, users can manage their own printers without requiring IT support. In the background, ezeep agents on PCs and Macs take care of everything else, such as driver installations and updates, or changes to IP addresses.
  • Offline printing for all eventualities
    ezeep enables local IP printing that doesn’t require an internet connection. This is why your employees can continue to print from their workstations to the printers on site, even in the event of outages. This allows critical infrastructure providers such as healthcare providers or power suppliers to maintain operations even in the event of failures.
  • Reduce costs with streamlined print infrastructure
    ezeep eliminates complex print infrastructure. By removing servers, you save on costs for hardware, software and IT administration. Intuitive, direct IP printing also significantly reduces your spending on IT support.

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