MobileIron and ThinPrint Enter Technology Partnership

MobileIron and ThinPrint have entered into a technology partnership. Thanks to their close cooperation, MobileIron customers can easily enable secure mobile printing with iPhones, iPads and Android devices for all their employees. ThinPrint Mobile Print is managed by the MobileIron solution and easily distributed to users.

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iPad printing thanks to ThinPrint Mobile Print

Now Available: ThinPrint Mobile Print

The new software solution ThinPrint Mobile Print, the first solution for managed mobile printing in companies, is now available. The software can be easily integrated into EMM or MDM systems, enabling centrally managed, secure printing from iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

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Welcome to Personal Printing

Now Available: Personal Printing 4.0 with Self-Registration

Personal Printing 4.0 is now available. The new version of ThinPrint’s Pull-Printing solution enables a simple introduction of secure, GDPR-compliant printing thanks to user self-registration. Employees can now easily register themselves at any printer – with any smartcard or other transponder.

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ezeep Dash allows print management without servers.

Easy Print Management Without Servers

Now available: ezeep Dash for easy print management without servers. With ezeep Dash, printers and printer drivers can fully be managed via a clearly organized portal. ezeep Dash doesn’t require any server and users print locally eliminating the need for an internet connection to the portal.

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ThinPrint Hub 1.3 Automatically Finds Printers

New ThinPrint Hub 1.3 Automatically Finds Printers

With the new ThinPrint Hub 1.3, we have improved and added to the range of features. The hardware now automatically recognizes all printers in the corporate network. IT administrators now easily connect printers in branch offices to the central print server and remotely manage them.

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New ThinPrint Hub 1.2 with SNMP Monitoring for a Complete Overview of your Printer Landscape

The ThinPrint Hub now supports printer monitoring via SNMP. So you always know exactly the current status of your printers, and whether a response is necessary. Additionally, the ThinPrint Hub now also makes itself known to authentication servers in IEEE 802.1X networks.

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Satisfied users thanks to user-friendly printing with ThinPrint

New: High Availability Printing and Easy Print Management also when Working Locally

The new ThinPrint Desktop Agent also provides high availability and easy administration when printing locally with applications on Windows PCs and laptops. In combination with the ThinPrint Engine, you now benefit from the many proven ThinPrint features throughout the entire office printing process.

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HealthTechZone logo

Increasing Healthcare Security, Efficiency and Cost-Savings with Centralized Printing

While healthcare is continuing the move to electronic health records, printing remains an essential operation. ThinPrint optimizes print management to free up time and budget for better patient care.

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Three Steps to Making Print Security Part of the Conversation with Clients

The topic of comprehensive security often trumps that of printing but the two truly go hand in hand. Henning Volkmer outlines three steps you can follow to assist your customers in learning about, and ultimately solving their print security issues.

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Put Printing on Your 2017 To-Do List

With the networked world constantly growing more complicated, attention to detail will be even more important in 2017. Printing is a key business function where placing attention and emphasis can pay off.

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Northamber becomes ThinPrint distributor in the UK

ThinPrint has appointed Northamber as a UK distributor in a drive to proactively expand their presence in the UK, accelerating their print management sales across different verticals, including SMB and the education sector.

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Office Printing Today

Tom Howarth and Virtualization Practice explore today’s office printing landscape. Dive deeper into DaaS, VDI and mobile device printing and see how ThinPrint is a must have for your printing arsenal.

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Five Questions to Get Print Conversations Restarted in 2017

Article at The Imaging Channel about how to get print conversations restarted in 2017

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Printing with Windows Server 2016

Article at Computer Technology Review: Henning Volkmer, CEO ThinPrint Inc. about printing with Windows Server 2016

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Zero-Outage Printing: ThinPrint Now T-Systems Zero Outage Certified Partner

Within the framework of its partnership with ThinPrint, T-Systems uses the ThinPrint Engine for its hosted solutions when printing. This solution combined with ThinPrint’s unrivaled support ensures T-Systems now delivers a zero outage culture dedicated to maximum availability also when it comes to printing.

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VMworld Survey: High Availability for Printing

At this year’s VMworld events in Las Vegas and Barcelona, we surveyed over 1,500 booth visitors on virtualization and high availability aspects of printing.

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Windows Server Upgrades – A Print Opportunity

In an article at The Imagingchannel, Henning Volkmer, CEO ThinPrint Inc. writes about Windows Server Upgrades – A Print Opportunity.

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Jetzt verfügbar: ThinPrint 11 bietet Hochverfügbarkeit

Now Available: ThinPrint 11

Printing has never been so easy and flexible. With ThinPrint 11, high-availability and reliability achieve new dimensions when printing.

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ThinPrint has now also opened an office in China.

ThinPrint Opens Office in China

ThinPrint, provider of the world’s leading print management software, has now also opened an office in China. With its Beijing office, the software manufacturer will intensify its activities in the Middle Kingdom and better serve its existing and prospective customers on site.

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Now available: ThinPrint Management Services Automates the Management of Windows Print Environments

ThinPrint Management Services is now available. It is a powerful and nimble tool to quickly and easily set up and manage large Windows print environments.

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