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Your print management solution for every use case

Your Print Management Solution for Every Use Case

ThinPrint is the ideal print management solution for any IT infrastructure and any scenario. Thanks to ThinPrint, companies can solve all printing challenges, whether in branch or home offices, on-premises, or in the private cloud.

Strong Partnerships are the Foundation of Our Success

ThinPrint is Citrix Ready
ThinPrint ist VMware partner
ThinPrint is IGEL Ready
ThinPrint is Microsoft Partner
ThinPrint is Parallels partner

Why ThinPrint?

ThinPrint ensures fast corporate printing

Fast Enterprise Printing

ThinPrint transmits print data using a high-compression method. It makes slow printouts and negative impacts on the network and productivity a thing of the past.

Printer mapping made easy with ThinPrint

Automatic Printer Mapping

Ensure that the correct printers are always accessible to all employees with minimal effort.

Save printing costs with ThinPrint

Reduce Printing Costs

Reduce your printing costs significantly with a minimum of effort: ThinPrint’s Pull Printing makes it possible.

Eliminate your print servers

Print Server Consolidation

Eliminate print servers in branch offices and reduce your IT administration workload as well as your hardware and software costs with server consolidation.

ThinPrint ensures high-available printing

High Availability Printing

With load balancing on server and client sides, failover, and server maintenance during operation, ThinPrint ensures high availability for printing, including backend printing.

ThinPrint allows secure printing

GDPR-Compliant Network Printing

Avoid security risks when printing personal data. ThinPrint helps you ensure your printing processes are data protection compliant.

Our Customers

Worldwide, customers from the most diverse industries rely on ThinPrint

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Customer Logo Bridgestone
Customer Logo Lufthansa Systems
Customer Logo Amey
Customer Logo Fly Emirates
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Customer Logo Avis Budget Group
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Customer Logo Reyes Holding
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What’s New

Simple, Fast Printing of Delivery Notes at Remote Locations 

The IT service provider Prio-IT simplifies driver management for printing delivery notes with ThinPrint’s DRIVER FREE PRINTING and Dynamic Printer Matrix.


Fast Printing on Construction Sites with ThinPrint

Electrical engineering company Klenk & Meder relies on ThinPrint for compressing print data when printing plans on construction sites.


Enhancing Security Across 170 Locations

Enhancing security across 170 locations: St. Michael’s House uses ThinPrint’s secure printing solutions for the Citrix environment.


NEW: High-Availability Printing for Backend Systems

ThinPrint has developed the LPD Service to enable high-availability printing from ERP, EMR and CRM systems.