Reduce Printing Costs With Secure Pull Printing

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Even in the digital age, printing costs continue to place a significant burden on IT budgets. Many factors in the printing process are unnecessary or avoidable, but also drive costs higher. These include erroneous printouts resulting in wasted paper and toner as well as general hardware wear and tear.

Printer management is further complicated through decentralized printer environments (lack of driver free printing, multiple printer queues) and IT departments may be swamped by printer-related helpdesk calls. The majority of print optimization measures relate to special conditions for basic services such as maintenance and support or procurement of equipment and consumables such as paper and toner.

The challenges mentioned above however, are not eliminated as nothing changes with the basic print infrastructure. If a print management solution is chosen, then these solutions often require costly additional hardware purchases and a commitment to one specific printer manufacturer.

A very worthwhile approach is user-authenticated printing. Also known as pull printing, savings of at least 10% can be gained using this approach. An additional bonus is that the printer environment dramatically improves and the above mentioned cost drivers are also eliminated. When choosing a pull-printing solution, ensure that is installed on-premises, and can be implemented regardless of the printer manufacturer.

In this white paper read more about how easy it is to reduce your printing costs significantly and with a minimum of effort. Find out what other key advantages the perfect pull printing solution can offer your business.

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