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Redefining Mobile Printing – Finally, Full iPad & Co. Integration into your Print Environment

In our webinar we’ll show you how to integrate mobile devices into your existing printing infrastructure – without any additional hardware even necessary.

✓ Mobile printing for iOS and Android
✓ Flexible integration in EMM solutions
✓ Maximum security thanks to pull printing

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Secure Pull Printing with Any Printer & Card – Right in Time for GDPR

In our upcoming webinar, we’ll show you how you equip your existing printer fleet with secure pull printing.

✓ Secure pull printing for all existing printers
✓ Authentication with any card: from keycards to a fitness club card
✓ Minimum effort: users register themselves with their own cards

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Secure Pull Printing to a Single Virtual Queue using Existing Printers

Protect your business from potentially disastrous data protection lawsuits by having an intelligent strategy in place.

✓ Cut down the number of print queues to a single, global virtual queue
✓ Personal Printing Release Station: new, plug & play, RFID-ready user authentication hardware for heterogeneous print environments
✓ High ROI, low administration and extremely user-friendly

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IT’s Digital Revolution – How Your Printing System Should Keep Pace

In our webinar, we’ll show you our latest innovative technologies that help your printing system stay fully up-to-date.

✓ High availability printing for the entire organization
✓ Secure printing with encryption & pull printing
✓ Support for all printing scenarios, including cloud and mobile printing

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Secure Printing for any Printer with the Personal Printing Release Station

In our webinar, we’ll show you how easy it is to secure print data with a pull-printing solution.

✓ New: Personal Printing Release Station
✓ Full Security for your print data
✓ Cost savings potential

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A Small Box With A Big Impact: The Versatile ThinPrint Hub

In this webinar, we’ll show you various scenarios for using the ThinPrint Hub that enable you to reduce costs and save time when managing your print environment.

✓ Simple integration of branch offices
✓ Eliminate print servers in branch offices
✓ High availability of print services

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Windows Server 2008 Print Servers – It’s Time to Migrate

In our webinar, we will show you how ThinPrint solves this problem and what other benefits are available to you when upgrading from Windows Server 2008 to 2016. Learn how to...

✓ ...quickly migrate your Windows 2008 print servers
✓ ...ensure high availability for printing
✓ ...consolidate servers

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High Availability, Self Service and More - ThinPrint 11 Creates a New Dimension of Printing

In this webinar we will introduce you to the features and benefits of our latest release – ThinPrint 11.

✓ High availability and load balancing when printing (server and client-side)
✓ Printer Self Service for employees
✓ Simplified administration with AutoConnect

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Rapid & Highly Automated Print Management with ThinPrint Management Services

In our webinar we will show you how easy print management with ThinPrint Management Services can be.

✓ Live demo: Set up thousands of printers in just a few minutes including all necessary settings
✓ Automate print driver management
✓ Instantly set up or migration of print servers

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High Availability for Printing – ThinPrint 11 Preview

Make sure you don’t miss the first look at ThinPrint 11’s unique high availability features:

✓ Failover for print servers
✓ Load balancing for print servers
✓ Failsafe and load balancing also for ThinPrint Clients

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Perfect Printing for Branch Offices: ThinPrint Engine + ThinPrint Hub

Join our webinar and learn how easy branch and home office printing can be!

✓ Fast, high-performance integration of branch office printing
✓ Perfect combination with virtual desktops / Secure Gateway
✓ Hardware by ThinPrint, proudly presenting: ThinPrint Hub

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Top 10 Reasons for ThinPrint Engine with Citrix

In this webinar, we will cover how Citrix and ThinPrint technology work hand in hand to:

✓ Guarantee fast, reliable and secure printing
✓ Greatly simplify print management
✓ Session includes case studies of Citrix & ThinPrint in use together

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Even Better Printing – ThinPrint Engine Premium

Find out more about the many useful features, allowing you to get the most out of ThinPrint.

✓ ThinPrint Mobile Print – mobile printing from a session
✓ ThinPrint Management Center – database-supported administration
✓ Tracking Service including reporting features – full print cost analysis

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Cut Printing Costs and Increase Security with Pull Printing

This webinar provides an overview of what benefits pull printing with Personal Printing offers and you can see just how easy it is to use in an exclusive live demo.

✓ Reduced paper and toner costs
✓ Less administrative burden
✓ Authentication-based, confidential printing

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Easy Migration from Windows 2003 Print Servers

In a live demo we will show you how using a combination of Microsoft tools and the PowerShell-based ThinPrint Management Services you can successfully and flexibly migrate an existing print infrastructure to a new server operating system.

✓ Live migration of a print server

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Print Management in an Instant – ThinPrint Management Services Beta

In this webinar you will get information on the automation of print management with ThinPrint Management Services and the now available beta version.

✓ Set up thousands of printers in just a few minutes
✓ Automate print management using Windows PowerShell
✓ Implement efficient disaster recovery

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Mobile Session & Virtual Desktop Printing from iPads

In this webinar, learn about what’s new with ThinPrint 10.6 and the patent-pending Mobile Print feature.

✓ A solution to previous session-based printing problems
✓ See how easy it is to use Mobile Print
✓ Real-life examples including printing from the virtual desktop on an iPad in the home workplace

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