Secure Pull Printing with Any Printer & Card – Comply with GDPR

The countdown to GDPR is entering the final stages – on May 25, the is the European General Data Protection Regulation will become binding.
No company can afford to ignore GDPR, as a violation could result in both substantial fines and significant damage to its image.
Even a letter picked up at a printer by the wrong employee can be deemed a violation. Pull Printing is a simple solution for your GDPR strategy. But doesn’t this also require a completely new and expensive printer fleet that supports user-authenticated printing? Do corresponding tokens or cards have to be issued to the users?

In our webinar, we’ll show you how you can fully master these challenges with Personal Printing and equip your existing printer fleet with secure printing. Learn how employees can even register themselves for secure printing with any card or token.

✓ Secure pull printing for all existing printers
✓ Authentication with any card: from keycards to a fitness club card
✓ Minimum effort: users register themselves with their own cards

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