Self Registration for GDPR-compliant Printing

The video shows you just how easy it is to implement secure printing in your company. Personal Printing with its convenient self-registration ensures that printouts reach only authorized employees and helps you to comply with GDPR guidelines.
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Reduce Costs with Printer Self Service

This video shows just how simple and fun printing can become. See how ThinPrint’s Printer Self Service simplifies IT administration, reduces helpdesk requests and cuts printing costs.
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High-availability Failover Printing

Learn more about ThinPrint’s holistic approach to high-availability printing in the video. In a live demo, we show you ThinPrint's smooth failover solution.
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Secure Tunneling without VPN

Send print jobs via TCP/IP in masked Networks

In this video Thomas introduces printing via secure tunneling without VPN or MPLS in branch offices to you. That feature is called ThinPrint Secure Tunnel. In contrast to the usual communication direction, this feature offers you secure tunneling from a ThinPrint Client in any branch office to the central ThinPrint print system in the data center.
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Printer Self Service and Troubleshooting

With the Self Service printing options, users are enabled to manage their own print queues and light troubleshooting is possible.
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High Availability for Printing

#vmworld #highavailability

In this video Thomas from ThinPrint introduces to you High Availability which comes with the new ThinPrint 11.
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Delivering High Availability for Printing

Now available: ThinPrint 11

Critical business processes often still rely on printing. With Windows Server 2012, Microsoft no longer supports print clusters. This leaves printing without a safeguard. Ensure that printing is always available when needed: ThinPrint 11 adds high availability to the many other ThinPrint benefits. Watch this video to see how high availability for printing is ensured.
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Why Print Data Compression is so Important

Print data compression has a significant impact on network performance in businesses. This video shows some examples of how print data balloons and how ThinPrint’s Advanced Adaptive Compression reduces print data by up to 98%.
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How to: Easily Install ThinPrint Engine on Central Print Server

See how to easily set up a ThinPrint environment including a central print server. It only takes 5 steps to have a full functional ThinPrint environment ready for your whole company.
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How to Easily Install ThinPrint Engine on Terminal Servers

ThinPrint allows companies to print via the TCP/IP protocol even when using terminals servers. The installation video shows you step by step how to easily install ThinPrint Engine on terminal servers.
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How to Print with iPad or iPhone from any Remote and Virtual Desktop Session

No matter if you are in a remote session or using a virtual desktop on you iPhone or iPad: With ThinPrint Mobile Print you are able to print to a local printer close by.
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Virtual and Remote Printing without Printer Driver Issues

ThinPrint's virtual printer driver simplifies management of network printers, especially in remote and virtual desktop environments. Thanks to the user-friendly print dialog, print-related helpdesk requests are a thing of the past.
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Powerful Enterprise Printing Thanks to Advanced Adaptive Compression

ThinPrint's innovative compression reduces the burden on any corporate network and ensures maximum performance, as well as reliable and fast printing results. Print data is reduced in all application scenarios – no matter which printer and printer drivers are in use.
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Data Protection with Personal Printing

Do you want to print confidential documents without them falling into the wrong hands at the printer? It’s simple: print with Personal Printing, go to the printer of your choice and authenticate with your smartphone. Only then does printing start, making sure your documents remain safe.
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Cloud Print Icon

Looking for a
Google Cloud Print Alternative?

Google has ended its popular cloud printing service. No need to worry though: ezeep Blue is now free for private users.