Reduce Costs with Printer Self Service


Almost a quarter of all support requests are related to printing problems. Admins spend a lot of their time working on solving such problems. An end to this is now available with the user-friendly Printer Self Service.

With its clear interface, users easily add devices to the printers already preselected – for example when new printers are purchased, or if employees want to print when visiting other sites. Printer drivers, location, or specific printing features such as duplex or color make it easy to locate printers. Just as intuitively, users can set their favorite printer as their default printer. All this is possible because ThinPrint AutoConnect is working in the background, ensuring users always have the right printers available. And if something goes wrong, your employees simply use the Printer Repair feature and printers are automatically re-mapped.

This video shows just how simple and fun printing can become. See how ThinPrint’s Printer Self Service simplifies IT administration, reduces helpdesk requests and cuts printing costs.

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