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The Print Management Software that Eliminates All Printing Problems

Is managing your printing environment annoying and labor intensive? Does your IT department all too often struggle with incompatible printer drivers? Is printing again and again causing problems and bandwidth bottlenecks that disrupt workflows in your company? Printing has always been both a business-critical, yet problematic IT service. Especially the constant evolution of the way we work and the variety of the devices and programs used present new challenges for IT departments. With ThinPrint Engine, you can ensure secure, fast and reliable printing at all times, and reduce the burden placed on your IT resources as well as the number of helpdesk requests. New in ThinPrint Engine 11 »

High-Performance Printing for Your Business’s Success

ThinPrint's high-performance printing for your business’s success

High availability printing thanks to load balancing and failover
ThinPrint Engine delivers load balancing and failover for print servers and clients, ensuring you benefit from true high-availability printing. More on high availability printing »

Radical reduction in print data
ThinPrint’s intelligent compression process achieves a reduction in print data volume of up to 98%. Print data is compressed on all lines, including from workstations in branch offices to the print server at headquarters and from here to the printer. As a result, ThinPrint Engine ensures high printing speeds and prevents bandwidth bottlenecks. More on print data compression »

Secure printing – even without VPN
ThinPrint Engine uses SSL/TLS encryption (128-bit) when transferring print jobs, thus protecting even the most sensitive documents. ThinPrint software integrated into the hardware allows even end-to-end encryption right up to the printer. The ThinPrint Secure Tunnel creates a highly-secure print tunnel from the client to the print server, allowing seamless TCP/IP printing, even in masked networks. Thanks to the ThinPrint Secure Tunnel, businesses no longer need expensive VPN connections to ensure secure printing in branch offices.

Tracking and reporting print volumes
ThinPrint Engine records and analyzes company-wide printing behavior as well as the resulting printing costs. More on print tracking »

Demand-Oriented Print Management Unburdens Your IT Department

ThinPrint's demand-oriented print management unburdens any IT department

Driver Free Printing reduces printing problems
Driver Free Printing prevents printing problems caused by incompatible drivers, and saves administrators from having to distribute and update printer drivers. That’s why ThinPrint’s virtual printer driver, the ThinPrint Output Gateway, replaces all printer drivers on the printing server or desktops. ThinPrint V-Layer also enables Driver Free Printing on remote desktop servers and virtual desktops. The original print drivers are kept centrally on the print server with everywhere else using only the ThinPrint Output Gateway virtual printer driver. More on driverless printing »

Effortless printer assignment thanks to automatic printer mapping
ThinPrint AutoConnect ensures that users always have access to the required printer. With the Dynamic Printer Matrix configuration table, the IT department can automate which client printers should be mapped and connected to which templates. More on printer mapping »

Central, automated management of complex environments
ThinPrint Engine enables simplified, database-driven setup and management of complex print environments. This gives you a full overview of hardware, drivers, clients and branch offices. ThinPrint takes on the tedious tasks of creating thousands of printers and adds whole print landscapes to new branch offices within minutes. Print servers, including all printer objects and printer drivers, can be quickly set up, conveniently managed and easily migrated. More on ThinPrint Management Services »

High-performance batch printing for host systems
ThinPrint’s Host Integration Service enables smooth batch printing when using host systems. Externally generated host print streams are integrated into Citrix XenApp and Microsoft Remote Desktop Service environments, ensuring secure transmission via the ICA/HDX or RDP protocols.

Satisfied Users Thanks to User-Friendly Printing

Satisfied users thanks to user-friendly printing with ThinPrint

Convenient printer self-service for your employees
Now printing is fun – thanks to the user-friendly Printer Self Service. Users can conveniently search printers using different criteria and add them to the already preselected ones. More on Printer Self Service »

Mobile printing from remote and virtual desktop sessions
ThinPrint Mobile Print enables iPad and iPhone users to print directly from remote apps, virtual desktop sessions or any other Windows-based session to local printers. Whether Citrix Receiver, VMware Horizon, Microsoft Remote Desktop or TeamViewer – iOS users print to any AirPrint™ printer nearby. More on Mobile Session Printing »

Advanced printing options including finishing optimize your printouts
Thanks to ThinPrint’s virtual printer driver, users in almost any IT architecture can benefit from virtually every print option and feature of their destination printer, including the finishing options of multifunction printers such as hole-punching, stapling and binding. More on finishing options »

The feature matrix provides an overview of all ThinPrint features.

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