Professional print management and performance improvements for any environment

Professional print management and performance improvements for any environment

ThinPrint Engine

Now available: ThinPrint Engine 11


ThinPrint Engine offers all core features of the ThinPrint technology. Highlights include:

  • Failover and Load Balancing for ClientsNew
    If a ThinPrint Client is unavailable, it is automatically replaced by another one. ThinPrint Clients with identical configurations are also suitable for performance- enhancing, client-side load distribution.
  • Driver Free Printing
    One virtual printer driver, the ThinPrint Output Gateway, replaces all printer drivers on the printing server or desktop.
  • Advanced Adaptive Compression
    Intelligent compression process that adapts to the print job content and the available bandwidth and reduces print data by up to 98%. The results are fast printing and no more bandwidth congestion because compression is applied at every point and with all protocols.
  • ThinShare
    Compression anywhere the ThinPrint Output Gateway virtual driver is used, without additional software installation. This enables the compression from a PC in a branch office to the central print server, for example.
  • SSL / TLS encryption
    Transmission of print jobs with 128-bit encryption and reliable protection of highly sensitive documents. ThinPrint software integrated into the hardware allows end-to-end encryption right to the printer.
  • Connection-oriented bandwidth management for print data
    Unlike simple user-based methods, this never exceeds the defined maximum bandwidth for printing, not even when multiple users print at the same time.
  • Automatic printer mapping by AutoConnect
    ThinPrint AutoConnect ensures that the desired printers are always available to users in ICA or RDP sessions or to those working on virtual or physical desktops.
  • Integration of central print servers
    A central print server unburdens the application servers and virtual desktops and simplifies the printer driver management.
  • V-Layer
    Benefit from Driver Free Printing on remote desktop servers and clients: original printer drivers are kept on the central print server, individual machines only use the ThinPrint Output Gateway virtual printer driver.
  • Support of the enhanced print options including finishing options
    Thanks to the virtual printer driver, almost all print options and properties of the target printer – including finishing options of a multi-function printer like hole-punch, staples and binding – can be used in all IT architectures.
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Now available: ThinPrint 11

ThinPrint Engine Premium

Upgrade to the ThinPrint Engine Premium for even more advantages and features, including high availability for print servers, flexible mobile session printing, tracking & reporting, even easier management of your whole print environment and much more.

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