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ThinPrint Hub

Branch office printing with ThinPrint Hub

Printing in branch offices presents an enormous challenge in terms of administration, cost, and data security. Thanks to the ThinPrint Hub, businesses eliminate the workload for branch offices.

At headquarters, the ThinPrint Engine controls the entire print management system. ThinPrint’s centralized print system fully eliminates local print servers in branch offices. Here, the ThinPrint Hub is used, which instantly integrates any number of network printers into the corporate network.


Why ThinPrint Hub

IT-independent branch offices thanks to ThinPrint Hub

IT-independent Branch Offices: Eliminate Your Print Servers

No IT expertise is required anymore in branch offices: Simply connect the ThinPrint Hub to the network and configure it via the web user interface, that’s all there is to it! You can eliminate your Windows print servers thanks to the ThinPrint Hub. The small hardware appliance connects all printers and ensures that your employees print effortlessly. The ThinPrint Hub also enables you to use thin clients and zero clients in your branch offices.

Secure printing thanks to ThinPrint Hub

Secure Printing in Branch Offices: Encrypted and Without VPN

Print jobs are transferred securely via the ThinPrint Secure Tunnel, eliminating the need for branch offices to maintain expensive VPN connections for printing. The TLS/SSL encrypted transmission of print data right to the ThinPrint Hub ensures reliable protection of all your print data. Even network printers in masked networks can print seamlessly via the ThinPrint Secure Tunnel.


The ThinPrint Hub is so simple to setup and configure that you can have optimised branch office printing up in a flash – all this for less than half the cost of a PC too!

Daniel Mar, Principal Consultant, Infront Consulting Group


High-availability printing thanks to ThinPrint Hub

High-availability printing

Using a second ThinPrint Hub in a branch office enables load balancing and failover in case of faults. If one ThinPrint Hub fails, then the second device automatically takes over. This means that full reliability and uninterruptible productivity are ensured when printing.

Centrally manage ThinPrint Hubs

Use the ThinPrint Hub Remote Management to manage and update your ThinPrint Hubs from a central management console. Here you can centrally provision certificates, firmware updates and configurations of all types and distribute them to all devices with just a few clicks.

Centrally manage all your ThinPrint Hubs
ThinPrint Hub not only automatically finds your printers via the search feature, it also even adds them to the printer list

Automatically create printers

The ThinPrint Hub automatically finds your printers with its search feature and if required, automatically adds them to the printer list. Found devices are listed, including the printer ID, status, printer name, model, port and IP address. This eliminates the need to manually create printers on the ThinPrint Hub. In addition, IT departments can now easily connect printers in remote and branch offices to the central print server and also manage them remotely.

Monitor your devices

Thanks to SNMP monitoring, the ThinPrint Hub shows you the current status of all your printers. So, you always know exactly what is going on with your printers and can act accordingly in the event of paper shortages, paper jams or low toner levels. With an SNMP monitoring tool of your choice, you can also query the status of the ThinPrint Hub.

Thanks to SNMP monitoring, the ThinPrint Hub shows you the current status of all your printers.

The ThinPrint Hub supports the proven ThinPrint features

Printing without any compromise

The ThinPrint Hub supports the proven ThinPrint features such as bandwidth control, compression and print data streaming. These ensure rapid printing and trouble-free workflows even with low bandwidths.

NEW: ThinPrint Hub now offers Cloud Printing

With the new Cloud Connect feature, companies using Azure Virtual Desktop and ThinPrint can access the ezeep Azure cloud via the ThinPrint Hub and experience real cloud printing – including cloud rendering – with ezeep Blue.

Connect your local printing infrastructure to the ezeep Azure cloud
Excellent value for money thanks to ThinPrint Hub

Excellent value for money

The ThinPrint Hub integrates any number of network printers, regardless of the printer model or manufacturer. In addition, up to four USB printers can be connected as network printers to each ThinPrint Hub.

Our experience of the ThinPrint Hub has been overwhelmingly positive. The device itself is easy to setup and the ability to add as many network printers as required allows us to drastically simplify our on-site print management.“

Richard Johnson, Viatek Group

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