Centrally Manage ThinPrint Hubs

New in ThinPrint Hub 1.8

ThinPrint Hub 1.8 now allows you to take advantage of ThinPrint Hub Remote Management. This provides you with a central management console for conveniently managing all your ThinPrint Hubs and/or Personal Printing Release Stations in one location, ensuring that your devices are always kept fully up to date. ThinPrint Hub Remote Management is, in addition to the Advanced Replacement Service, part of the ThinPrint Hub Enterprise Service. This service package is available for purchase through our channel partners.

Discover the ThinPrint Hub Remote Management


  • Everything stays under control thanks to a clear overview of your ThinPrint Hubs, Personal Printing Release Stations and printers.
  • Manage any number of ThinPrint Hubs simultaneously instead of individually making settings to them.
  • Create groups and sub-groups according to your needs and assign devices to these groups, which you can then configure in one go. Using identically configured ThinPrint Hubs, you can easily achieve high-availability printing.
  • Centrally provision all types of firmware updates, certificates and configurations and roll them out globally, to device groups or individual hubs.

  • Create printers and equip them with drivers. The ThinPrint Hubs you have assigned then include the printers in their printer lists.
  • Enhance security with secure Pull Printing as well as ThinPrint Secure Tunnel which can be set up in the console to create secure connections between ThinPrint Hubs and headquarters.
  • Thanks to the role-based administration, you can delegate admin tasks to your co-admins in accordance with their respective area of expertise.

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