Citrix Printing

Citrix provides proven solutions for access to diverse applications, however printing in Citrix environments is often less than satisfactory. ThinPrint technology is the fastest, safest and most reliable printing solution, enabling companies of any size to significantly increase the efficiency of their Citrix environment.

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Endpoint Print Management

A professional endpoint management environment must also include efficient and secure management of all printing devices. No matter what your UEM solution looks like and which endpoints you are using, ThinPrint comprehensive portfolio offers a solution to meet all your corporate printing needs.

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EMM/MDM Integration

Mobile devices are becoming increasingly important for employee productivity and business agility. Using an enterprise mobility solution, tablets and smartphones can be efficiently integrated into the corporate network and managed securely. ThinPrint Mobile Print offers EMM/MDM solutions a professional mobile print management system and mobile printing for iOS and Android.

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Print servers vs. serverless printing

Print servers or serverless printing? Both approaches have their advantages which is why ThinPrint offers both: Its proven ThinPrint Engine provides reliable, server-based print management, while its cloud solution, ezeep, delivers cloud-managed serverless printing.

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Serverless printing

ThinPrint’s print solution ezeep Dash enables fully managed Server-Free Printing. ezeep Dash combines serverless printing or direct IP printing with cloud-based print management.

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Data Security When Printing

On May 25, 2018, the new EU data protection regulation (GDPR) became binding in all member states and applies to all IT processes in companies and government agencies. Learn how to effectively protect personal data and make your company’s printing processes fully compliant with the EU’s GDPR.

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High Availability for Printing

ThinPrint combines server clustering with dynamic resource distribution to ensure high availability printing. Users benefit from uninterrupted workflows and printing thanks to failover and server load balancing.

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Branch Office Printing

With ThinPrint organizations efficiently integrate branch offices into existing IT infrastructure, significantly simplify IT administration and lower costs. Through high print data compression rates, bandwidth usage is reduced and print jobs are reliably printed.

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Print Server Consolidation

Dramatically lower your IT administration burden and hardware costs by consolidating servers. ThinPrint gives you the best of both worlds: the benefits of serverless printing without the drawbacks of client-side printing, and all the benefits of print management with a central print server without any of its former drawbacks.

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VMware Printing

ThinPrint is the leading printing solution for all VMware environments. This is why VMware has already integrated the ThinPrint basic technology into its desktop solutions. In virtual environments, in which print servers and network printers should be seamlessly integrated, the ThinPrint Engine ensures reliable printing.

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VDI Printing

Companies throughout the world rely on desktop virtualization in their IT strategy. However, printing can be a great challenge in virtual, distributed environments and should therefore always be included as part of the virtualization strategy. ThinPrint enables trouble-free printing in any VDI environment.

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Remote Desktop Printing

ThinPrint is the leading print solution for all remote desktop environments. ThinPrint’s flexible remote desktop printing delivers reliable & fast printing results for users, simplifies the management of remote desktop architecture for administrators, generates significant cost savings and increases employee productivity across the entire enterprise.

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Mobile Session Print

More and more employees are working flexibly from multiple locations and accessing corporate resources and remote desktops with mobile devices via remote and virtual desktop sessions. With ThinPrint Mobile Session Print, iPad and iPhone users are now able to print directly from any Windows-based session to local printers.

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Thin Client Printing

With ThinPrint, businesses print perfectly even when using thin and zero clients. Employees receive their printouts in full quality on their local and network printers regardless of the actual print scenario in place.

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Enterprise Printing for Macs

Whether in Windows or Citrix environments, with or without central print servers – with the ThinPrint Client Mac, companies seamlessly integrate Macs into their ThinPrint environment and experience the diverse benefits the print solution offers for the many Mac models.

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Looking for a
Google Cloud Print Alternative?

Google has ended its popular cloud printing service. No need to worry though: ezeep Blue is now free for private users.