Connecting Branch Offices with ThinPrint

Rapid growth of companies due to globalization or acquisitions often results in branch offices being set up which need to be integrated into the corporate IT environment. Complex and inefficient IT environments quickly arise due to the differences in national standards and infrastructure.

Printing is often one of the main cost drivers. Time constraints often mean that IT professionals cannot commute to resolve problems on site.

With a centralized print management strategy enabled by ThinPrint, companies easily integrate branch offices and radically reduce costs associated with management, as well as with hardware and bandwidth.

Easy branch office integration with ThinPrint

Efficiently Connect and Centrally Manage Branch Offices Without VPNs

With ThinPrint, the IT environment is simplified, and companies benefit through greater flexibility and independence from the hardware that they use.

All printers and printer drivers can be easily managed centrally, without having to install original drivers on each desktop. ThinPrint also allows printing in masked networks using a central print server. Through the highest levels of print data compression, bandwidth usage is reduced and print jobs are reliably printed without needing expensive leased lines.

To further streamline management and leverage an even greater return of investment, local print servers in the branch offices can be replaced with small, IoT devices called ThinPrint Hubs, which are low maintenance and easily manageable over the cloud.


Benefits for Businesses

  • Centrally manage branch office printing: Administrators mustn’t commute between different branch offices to resolve problems. All printing – with or without print servers, network and local printers, physical or virtual desktops – can be managed remotely from one central place without even needing VPNs. And growing organizations set up printing in new branch offices with just a few clicks.
  • Relieve the network from print data: All print jobs are transferred with the highest levels of compression from where the print job is initiated all the way to the printer. In combination with bandwidth control for each location, network stability is guaranteed.
  • Eliminate print servers in branch offices: Print servers in branch offices are no longer needed as fast and low-data volume printing can be realized via a central print server. With the ThinPrint Hub, you easily integrate any number of network printers and remotely manage them when needed.
  • Reduce help desk calls for printing to an absolute minimum: Users always get the printers and the quality they need. Wherever they are, even when roaming between different branches, users get one easy-to-use interface for all printers as well as fast and reliable printing.


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