Better Enterprise Printing for Macs

The number of Mac computers used in companies is growing steadily and with it, also grows the need for optimal printing support. ThinPrint has created the leading enterprise printing solution in order to achieve this.

Whether in Windows or Citrix environments, with or without central print servers – with the ThinPrint Client Mac, companies seamlessly integrate Macs into their ThinPrint environment and experience the diverse benefits the print solution offers for the many Mac models.

A distinct advantage for Mac users in home or branch offices is that the installation of the client requires only a few clicks and the printers assigned to the Mac are automatically mapped to the terminal session. They can print instantly from a XenApp or XenDesktop session via ICA to their locally installed printers. If the RDP session protocol is used, then printing over TCP/IP is possible as an alternative.

Simply Better Enterprise Printing for Macs

ThinPrint Highlights for Macs

  • Easy integration without extra tools: No extra tools or services are needed to integrate Mac computers into a Windows print server environment. With just a few settings, all end devices – including Macs – are always assigned the correct printers.
  • High-speed printing: Advanced Adaptive Compression, the intelligent ThinPrint technology for compression, ensures print data is reduced by up to 98%.
  • Full control of bandwidth: Set per connection – for example, for each branch office – the maximum bandwidth permitted for printing. This limits bandwidth used regardless of how many users print simultaneously.
  • Significantly simplified printer driver management: The company’s original printer drivers can be maintained centrally on the ThinPrint server. Here, only the Windows versions of the printer drivers are necessary. In the remote desktop sessions only a virtual printer driver is used. This provides users with virtually all the options of the original printer driver.
  • Automatic printer mapping: ThinPrint AutoConnect ensures that when accessing physical or virtual desktops, Mac users always have access to the required printers – whether locally-based or network printers.
  • Flexible delivery of print jobs: Print either using the print server via TCP/IP or within the Citrix session via ICA/HDX. ThinPrint is the only solution that offers printing via ICA/HDX even when a central print server is used.
  • Reliable printing in home and branch offices: Thanks to ThinPrint Secure Tunnel, print jobs are even delivered via TCP/IP when a Mac is located in a masked network or firewall restrictions require a reversal of the communication direction. Branch or home office employees, who cannot print via ICA/HDX, can do so without leased lines or VPN connections.


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