Print Server Consolidation

One for all: Eliminate unnecessary print servers

Dramatically lower your IT administration burden and hardware costs by consolidating servers. ThinPrint gives you the best of both worlds: the benefits of serverless printing without the drawbacks of client-side printing, and all the benefits of print management with a central print server without any of its former drawbacks.

Eliminate unnecessary print servers

ThinPrint offers you unique components for your successful server consolidation. It’s the only way you can benefit from:

  • No installation on the desktop: The entire ThinPrint technology can be used on desktops through a simple printer share.
  • Driver Free Printing: Instead of a multitude of different printer drivers, which are spread throughout the company and which give your help desk headaches, only one virtual driver, the ThinPrint Output Gateway, is used. More on Driver Free Printing »
  • Highest levels of compression: ThinPrint’s high-performance compression is applied directly in the virtual driver and optimizes print data on its way from the driver to the central print server and back to the printer in the branch office. More on print data compression »
  • Completely centralized management: Printer drivers are only installed and managed on the central print server. Even the complete replacement of printers occurs without user interaction. Group policies, which also help lower print costs, can be centrally distributed and printers can be automatically assigned. Enjoy all the benefits of centralized print job processing such as prioritization and centralized troubleshooting.
  • Absolute reliability: The central print server ensures reliable processing of all print jobs and takes the strain off the printers, thus avoiding the usual and usually frequent stability problems and print delays.
  • Perfect integration of virtual desktops:Remote desktop servers are kept completely free of printer drivers, allowing each server to support more users. All ThinPrint benefits are also optimized for virtual desktops.
  • Eliminate print servers in branch offices: The central print server efficiently takes over the entire print management, making print servers in branch offices unnecessary.


Conclusion: Only ThinPrint gives you all the benefits of server consolidation without any unpleasant side effects.

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