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The disadvantages of local printing without a print server are inherent: Even though printing is not a topic close to an administrator’s heart when setting up his IT environment, having no viable print concept offers no benefits. The disadvantages of local printing without an assigned print server are extremely significant, with the workload for administrators increasing dramatically, while the printing performance, and ultimately the employees’ workflow, deteriorates. The only viable recommendation is to use dedicated print servers.

Extensive Use of Print Servers Cost-Intensive and Time-Consuming

However, the recognition that it is difficult to do without print servers brings its own problems. For companies with branch offices, retail outlets and field offices, it means that print servers have to be operated all over the place. This results in additional costs, and the IT administration workload for several sites is not reduced. Quite the contrary. Since in classic print scenarios, efficient processing via a central print server in the company headquarters is barely feasible, there is initially no alternative but to use local print servers.

The idea is to make printing as easy, cost-effective and efficient as possible. In this way you get the best of both worlds: You can dispense with local print servers and obtain the resulting financial benefit and, at the same time, you get the advantages of print management through a dedicated print server. This is aided by the features of ThinPrint, such as maximum print data compression and high printing speed, through streaming of print jobs and caching. Another decisive factor is that compression is now possible on all print channels thanks to ThinPrint 10. Not only that but, thanks to ThinPrint, printer drivers only have to be available at a single central location. Individual workstations are kept free of printer drivers.

Server Centralization Answers Virtually All Your Problems

With ThinPrint, the print server in the company headquarters is responsible for processing all company-wide print jobs, and there is absolutely no need for print servers in the individual branches. Central management of all printer drivers at one location makes administration significantly easier. IT know-how about printing is no longer required in the branch offices. At the same time, the central ThinPrint server eliminates driver problems, such as with 32/64 bit mixed environments. Users get one user interface for all printers, flexible print options and quick results with reliable quality.

Discover in this white paper what are the advantages associated with a dedicated print server, which challenges are caused by print server centralization and how local print servers can be eliminated without any of the disadvantages.
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