Print Data Compression

ThinPrint compresses all print jobs, no matter which printer drivers are used or on which system the print job is initiated. When using the ThinPrint Output Gateway virtual driver, additional mechanisms are used, which means that print data volume is even reduced by up to 98%.

ThinPrint’s compression technology – Advanced Adaptive Compression, first analyzes the individual components of a print job and then compresses the various components (e.g., graphics) with the best possible algorithm. The SpeedCache feature ensures that identical graphics, such as company logos, are transmitted only once. This results in far smaller file sizes which can easily be sent via the corporate network.

In addition, ThinPrint always takes into account the bandwidth available for transferring the print job. The Adaptive Speed feature automatically controls in the background how much data is compressed depending on the available connection.

ThinShare: Print Data Compression of Printer Shares

Unique to ThinPrint’s compression technology is that print data is always compressed – also via a printer share from a desktop PC to the print server. In order to benefit from this particular process, ThinShare, no installations are needed on workstations. Users can easily print via highly-compressed printer shares. ThinShare reduces Wi-Fi traffic and ensures that print servers can be eliminated in branch offices without having to transfer huge amounts of data over WAN connections to a central print server.

Setting the desired compression level in the ThinPrint Output Gateway

Setting the desired compression level in the ThinPrint Output Gateway

The print job statistic shows how much the print data has been reduced

The print job statistic shows the savings achieved


  • Compression of all print data, regardless of the driver used – even with native printing
  • Dynamic compression (Advanced Adaptive Compression) and optimization of individual print job elements with the ThinPrint Output Gateway
  • ThinPrint Output Gateway reduces print data by up to 98% with texts always being compressed without any loss
  • Thanks to ThinShare, significant cost savings are realized through server consolidation in branch offices
  • IT administrators can specify the maximum image quality when printing
  • ThinPrint Clients for decompression are available for all platforms and are integrated in a wide range of printers

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