Management Services

Print management in an instant: Set up and manage thousands of printers quickly and conveniently

ThinPrint Management Services enable print management in an instant

ThinPrint Management Services, the ThinPrint Engine’s PowerShell interface, handle the painstaking task of setting up thousands of printers, add entire print environments of new branch offices within minutes and make sure that your print servers and workstations are kept up-to-date.

Automated, scripted sequences reduce the burden on IT departments and allow reliable setup, maintenance and flexible management of any printing environment.

Management Services are based on Windows PowerShell, which has established itself as a standard among administrators. However, thanks to ScriptRunner for ThinPrint, the scripts can also be executed via a user-friendly GUI and without PowerShell knowledge.

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Instant print server migration

Is print server migration planned? No problem with Management Services. Within just a few minutes, completely set up a new print server with all settings. This allow Management Services to ensure that your system is completely clean and avoids any negative effects from previous configurations.

Instant print server migration with ThinPrint Management Services
Maximum time and workload reduction thanks to ThinPrint Management Services

Maximum time and workload reduction

To keep print servers and workstations up-to-date is a complex task. That finally changes with Management Services: All processes that administrators previously had to carry out manually or with different, printer-specific tools are fully automated. Based on scripts, Management Services create network printers, printer drivers, printer objects and printer ports with their properties.

The real highlight is that as many PowerShell scripts can be started and run in parallel as necessary. This means that even the most complex printing environments are created or updated in seconds.

Execute and Delegate Scripts with a Web-Based GUI – No More PowerShell Knowledge Required for Help Desk

With the additional component ScriptRunner for ThinPrint, scripts can be executed and managed in a clearly arranged GUI-based dashboard environment. Simply share scripts with different rights for individual users, e.g. service desk employees or administrator groups. Your employees can conveniently parameterize the scripts without PowerShell knowledge.

Create scripts with ScriptRunner for ThinPrint via web-based GUI
Optimized work processes thanks to multi-user capability

Optimized work processes thanks to multi-user capability

Management Services are multi-user capable: Several administrators can work simultaneously on multiple tasks (delegated administration) without any disruption. Along with automation of print management processes, multi-user capability significantly reduces the burden on IT departments.

Guaranteed error prevention

Automated configuration prevents manual entry errors when creating printers and the resulting printing problems. This significantly reduces print-related helpdesk requests to an absolute minimum. And even if errors occur, they are easily identified via logging and quickly resolved.

Error prevention thanks to automated configuration
Efficient disaster recovery with ThinPrint Management Services

Efficient disaster recovery

In case of major emergencies, print servers are set up again immediately, including all settings, ensuring your printing environment is once again fully functional.

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