Print Tracking with ThinPrint’s Tracking Service

Gain an overview of all enterprise printing activities and reduce your printing costs with ThinPrint’s high-performance print tracking tool

With ThinPrint’s Tracking Service, a print monitoring tool that is part of the ThinPrint Engine and the pull-printing solution Personal Printing, companies can fully evaluate their printing activities. They have insight into the printing behavior of individual departments and can use this knowledge to deploy their hardware resources far more efficiently and to significantly reduce printing costs. ThinPrint’s print job tracking tool meets internal and external compliance and auditing requirements across all verticals.


How ThinPrint’s Print Tracking Works

The ThinPrint Tracking Service collects data on enterprise-wide printing activities and enters them into an SQL database. The ThinPrint Tracking Report Engine web component provides a clear analysis, summary, and graphical presentation of the tracking results. IT administrators can access the tracking and reporting website from any location via a web browser and adjust various monitoring settings:

  • Overview: Display the number of print jobs (color/black & white, simplex/duplex) and paper consumption (color/black & white, simplex/duplex) for either all printers or a specific device, and for all or selected user groups during a timeframe that you choose.
  • Distribution: Evaluate which users, groups, or printers have printed the most. How many and which print jobs were faulty?
  • Trend: This tab gives you an overview of how the print volume has developed over time. This allows you for example to visualize cost trends.
  • Group Management: You can set up user groups or import them from the Active Directory for even more detailed analysis.


Print tracking and monitoring with ThinPrint's Tracking Service


Your Advantages

  • Gain an Overview of your Print Traffic
    Gather information on company-wide printing activities and easily and clearly arrange them according to various criteria.
  • Discover Potential Savings
    Determine the main causes of print costs as well as identify savings thanks to the assignment of print jobs and paper consumption to individual printers and user groups.
  • Ensure Optimum Utilization of your Printing Capacity
    Check the usage of your printers and optimize your printing network accordingly. Which printers are overloaded and which hardly used? You can then use your hardware far more efficiently.
  • Keep Track of Printing Trends
    How does print traffic develop over a specific timeframe? The statistics for compression illustrate for example just how much print volume has been saved.
  • Evaluate Data according to your Needs
    Fully evaluate the print tracking data collected in the tracking database as you need, and if required also with external reporting tools like Microsoft Power BI or Crystal Reports.

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