Intuitive printing with Printer Self Service

Thanks to ThinPrint Printer Self Service, employees now print autonomously and without requiring assistance. With the user-friendly Printer Self Service they easily add printers to the pre-assigned ones. Staff can find newly acquired printers, multifunction printers with certain print options or devices which they wish to use while visiting a branch office via a simple printer search. Users enjoy this newly gained freedom when printing while IT administrators benefit from a reduced number of helpdesk requests and workload. Watch video »

ThinPrint Printer Self Service


  • Simple search: Printers are easily searched for by the printer name, location or features.
  • Your printers, your world: Users can define their default and favorite printers as well as change any of their own print settings.
  • Fix it yourself: The Printer Repair feature allows the user to administer first aid.


  • Intuitive for users to use.
  • Easy for IT administrators to set up – user rights on print servers are taken into account.
  • Printers can be used anywhere flexibly, and new printers added easily.
  • Optimal use of the corporate printer fleet and reduced helpdesk requests

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