Finishing options for the perfect printout

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ThinPrint’s virtual printer driver, ThinPrint Output Gateway, provides employees with the finishing options of Staple, Punch, Bind and N-Up (printing multiple pages on one sheet), without even having to install the corresponding manufacturer’s printer driver. It requires that the original printer driver supports the finishing options in print tickets.

Finishing options in the print dialog box of ThinPrint Output Gateway
Finishing options in the print dialog box of ThinPrint Output Gateway

ThinPrint assists you with finishing options

If a printer has finishing options that are not found in the user interface of the ThinPrint Output Gateway, the users can send this information to ThinPrint by using the Finishing Detector. The ThinPrint Finishing Detector scans the printers on the computer on which it is running (usually the print server) and checks whether the native printer drivers support finishing options. The results for each driver are then put into a table that the users can send to ThinPrint as an XML file for further processing.

Based on the analysis of the data, ThinPrint’s Print-Ticket extension is tailored to the new driver and made available for download. This is usually done within two weeks. After downloading the Print Ticket extension (TPPrintTicket.dll under ThinPrint Clients & Tools → Tools) and updating the print environment, the ThinPrint Output Gateway can communicate with the finishing options of the new native driver. All extended print options are now shown in the print dialog box.


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  • Companies use driver free printing without being limited to the basic functions
  • ThinPrint also supports native printing
  • Unrivaled customer service

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