Driver Free Printing

ThinPrint’s innovative technology for driverless printing

In contrast to universal printer drivers, ThinPrint’s driver free printing technology separates the printing process into program-oriented and printer-specific parts. This separation makes it possible to flexibly distribute the printing process across the corporate network. No printer drivers need to be installed on the devices on which the programs are running, only ThinPrint’s virtual printer driver, the ThinPrint Output Gateway, is required. This virtual printer driver simulates the original printer drivers and transfers print data in a printer-independent format. Driver free printing is the ideal solution for driverless remote desktop printing. ThinPrint has developed driver free printing with V-Layer™ for all other environments with desktop PCs.

Driverless printing with V-Layer™

V-Layer™ is a unique architecture based on Driver Free Printing. Thanks to V-Layer™, native printer drivers are only required on the central print server. The ThinPrint Output Gateway is used on the desktop PCs instead of the original printer drivers. For each chosen printer, ThinPrint V-Layer™ creates a virtual copy. Then it moves all shares to the virtual printer
ensuring that no rules or scripts need to be rewritten. Later, the shared virtual printer receives the print job which will be instantly
transmitted to the paired native driver for further processing.
Driverless printing with ThinPrint


  • Driverless printing for all print environments and printer models
    Driver Free Printing is suitable for any IT environment and thanks to ThinPrint’s V-Layer™ also for thin clients, Linux PCs, print boxes and Macs. ThinPrint’s virtual, Microsoft-certified printer driver supports all your printer models, regardless from which manufacturer they are. In addition, ThinPrint also enables native printing.
  • Simplified printer driver management and an end to printer driver conflicts
    Driverless printing makes it easy for admins to complete the complex task of creating printers and eliminates the need to roll out printer drivers. Incompatible printer drivers can no longer wreak havoc.
  • Highly user friendly
    The clear print dialog, which is uniform in all printing environments, makes it easy for your users to quickly find all the features they require. The fact that ThinPrint Output Gateway is also available in 17 languages makes its use even easier.
  • Cost-saving default print settings
    Administrators can reduce expenditure with low-cost printing presets like greyscale or duplex printing.
  • Multifunctional printers and special feature
    In contrast to universal printer drivers, ThinPrint’s V-Layer™ also supports advanced printing options, including finishing options such as hole punching, stapling, and binding. Currently, over 5600 printers with special features are supported. ThinPrint also reacts flexibly to the requirements of its customers by continuously adding unsupported printers at no additional cost.
  • Exceptional printing speeds
    The ThinPrint Output Gateway ensures fast printing in any environment through adaptive compression and print data caching (SpeedCache).
  • Simplified workflows
    Thanks to genuine printer independence gained with V-Layer™, your employees can print a print job simultaneously to several different printers (Virtual Copy).


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