ThinPrint Secure Tunnel

Printing in Branch Offices without Inbound Connections

The ThinPrint Secure Tunnel makes it possible to establish a connection from the ThinPrint Client in the branch office to the print server at headquarters. This avoids incoming network connections. The result is that a VPN tunnel is not necessary and masked networks (NAT) no longer pose a problem. During transmission, the print data is compressed and encrypted (TLS 1.2). In the branch office, a ThinPrint Client – on the desktop, the local print server or, easiest of all, on the ThinPrint Hub – receives, decompresses, decrypts and distributes the print jobs to the various printers. This makes the ThinPrint Secure Tunnel an alternative to using remote desktop protocols for printing.

Secure printing in branch offices thanks to ThinPrint Secure Tunnel

Secure Architecture with Multiple Firewalls

To set up the ThinPrint Secure Tunnel, the ThinPrint Connection Service is installed on a Windows server within the DMZ. The TCP ports only have to be opened in the direction of the connection service, the data is neither stored locally nor spooled.

Failsafe Print Tunnel

The ThinPrint Secure Tunnel can be operated in high availability mode. If a secure tunnel is no longer able to guarantee seamless printing, another tunnel automatically takes over. And thanks to load distribution, print jobs are dynamically distributed to the tunnels. The ThinPrint Secure Tunnel thus ensures the failsafe, encrypted transmission of all print jobs.

Use Cases

The ThinPrint Secure Tunnel enables printing in a number of innovative scenarios:


ThinPrint Secure Tunnel:

  • Enables you to reach network printers in masked networks
  • Eliminates costly VPN connections
  • Avoids a direct connection from the server to the client
  • Secures print jobs thanks to SSL/TLS encryption
  • Works with the plug & play ThinPrint Hub hardware
  • Ensures fail-safe transmission of all print jobs

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