Personal Printing

The pull printing solution for confidential, cost-saving and flexible printing to shared corporate printers



Confidential Printing

The pull printing solution Personal Printing enables user-authenticated and flexible printing in any organization. With Personal Printing, you ensure that your legal or human resources department, accounting department, or even all employees print their documents confidentially, when and where they want. Since printing only occurs after authentication directly at the printer, information never ends up in the wrong hands.

Flexible Authentication

Personal Printing offers various, secure authentication methods. Get started right away with mobile user authentication, where users identify themselves with their iOS or Android device and a scan of a QR code or NFC tag attached to the printer. Alternatively, other authentication methods are available which can be further adapted to your specific environment.

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Reduce your print costs with Personal Printing

Reduce Print Costs

With Personal Printing, you regain control of your print costs, because only what is actually needed is printed. Employees decide which print jobs they initiate at the printer, and which they wish to delete. This results in the cost of paper and toner being considerably reduced. With the Tracking functionality, you gain a rapid overview of the print volume and can quickly identify savings potentials.

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New in Personal Printing 3.0

In addition to the Job Viewer web app, you can now also conveniently manage your print jobs via the Personal Printing apps for Android and iOS. Version 3.0 also offers many further high-performance features.

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Easy Start

Get started now with Personal Printing for selected employees who work with sensitive data. Thanks to user-based licensing, Personal Printing can be implemented instantly and inexpensively for a small number of users.

Maximum security with Personal Printing

Maximum Security

Personal Printing ensures secure printing in the company – from the SSL encrypted transmission of print data to the encrypted storage of jobs on the central print server up to the secure issuing of printouts at the printer.

Device-Independent and Fully Flexible

Personal Printing is suitable for any company, regardless of their IT architecture, the printing volume or the printer models in use. No additional hardware is required either. Companies choose their preferred method of authentication and employees print flexibly to the printer of their choice.

Reduced Administrative Effort

Personal Printing is easy to install and configure. The burden on IT is reduced as problems with printer drivers and queue mapping no longer occur. The user-friendly interface allows users to easily manage their print jobs resulting in significantly fewer print-related helpdesk requests.

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