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Secure Printing thanks to Pull Printing

Pull printing is a unique way of printing where print jobs are not triggered directly, but are temporarily stored on a central print server. Only when the user is at a network printer or multifunction device of his or her choice and authenticates at that device, does the output of the print job start. Personal Printing enables secure pull printing by only releasing the print job once the user has authenticated via a smartphone app and a barcode or NFC tag, a card or entering a PIN at the printer.

Secure printing with Personal Printing - the pull printing solution with user authentication

Confidential printing

With Personal Printing, you ensure that senior management, your legal or HR departments, accounting divisions or even the entire workforce can print documents without them ever ending up in the wrong hands. Both the transmission of print data and the storage of the print jobs on the central print server are fully encrypted.

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Card and PIN authentication

Users authenticate at the printer using their employee ID cards, special RFID cards or PIN entry. They can authenticate themselves directly at a printer which is already supported by the Personal Printing software (Supported Devices), or use the Personal Printing release station. Thanks to its wide-ranging card reader support, this covers all employee IDs.

Secure printing with card authentication
Secure printing with smartphone authentication

Secure printing via an app

If you want to introduce secure printing for specific individuals, then user authentication via a smartphone app for Android and iOS devices is recommended. This doesn’t require any additional hardware and is installed within minutes. The Personal Printing Secure Printing App simply reads a barcode or NFC tag attached to the printer, which results in the print job being initiated. In addition, the printing app allows staff to easy delete or prioritize their remaining print jobs.

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Convenient and printer-independent self-registration

Employees can register themselves at any printer for secure printing. To set this up, they scan their smart card or a token at the Personal Printing release station connected to the printer. An individual access code is printed with which the employee logs on to the Personal Printing portal for secure printing. Thanks to the simple self enrollment, administrators no longer need to create secure printing users.

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Self registration allows secure pull printing
Reduce your print costs with Personal Printing

Reduce print costs

With Personal Printing, you regain control of your print costs, because only what is actually needed is printed. Employees decide which print jobs they release at the printer and which they wish to delete via the JobViewer – available as a web app or via the Personal Printing App. This results in the cost of paper and toner being significantly reduced. With the tracking feature, you get an overview of the print volume. Print jobs and paper consumption can be assigned to individual users, groups or printers, and cost drivers and savings potential easily identified.

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Get started quickly and inexpensively – with every printer or multifunction device

Personal Printing is suitable for any company, regardless of the printer models in use. Thanks to user-based licensing, you can roll out secure pull printing, cost-effectively, for selected employees and departments, and then increase the number of users as and when required. Secure printing is easy to install and configure. An additional benefit is that the pull-printing solution only has to manage one printer queue and no printer drivers need to be installed and updated on the workstations. Users benefit from a common and user-friendly interface when printing which also results in significantly fewer print-related helpdesk calls.

Easy to implement secure printing


Students print with Personal Printing

Case Study

Personal Printing and its Release Stations ensure secure, cost-effective printing at 17 central printing stations at the Vocational Training Centre in Olten, Switzerland.  

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White Paper Secure Printing with User-Based Printer Authentication

White Paper

Personal Printing and its Release Stations ensure secure, cost-effective printing at 17 central printing stations at the Vocational Training Centre in Olten, Switzerland.  

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