Secure Printing with User-Based Printer Authentication

The Print Security Landscape 2022 study, conducted by market researchers Quocirca, showed that 68% of companies surveyed already had one or more cases of a print-related data protection breach in 2021.
What are the causes for this? Despite the fact that printers are complex devices with a wide range of attack vectors, time and again, statistics prove that most security breaches are not caused by external actors or attacks. In fact, most cases originate from within the company, often without criminal intention, and are due to a mistake, poor handling of data or a lack of awareness. For example, when a document containing sensitive employee data is printed and left out in the open in the printer tray.
The use of user-authenticated printing is an important tool in every data security strategy. Only individuals who can prove their identity at the printer through authentication by QR-Code, PIN or with a smartcard can trigger the printing process and collect the printout. As a result, confidential documents are collected immediately and cannot fall into the wrong hands. Fewer printers are also needed as more printers can be safely shared between departments, reducing costs.
Discover in this white paper, how user-authenticated printing increases the security of your corporate data and will reduce your printing costs too.
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