Self Registration for GDPR-compliant Printing


Even in secure IT environments, printing processes can pose a significant security risk to businesses. However, thanks to Personal Printing with its self-registration feature, you will be able to easily overcome all your print-related GDPR challenges.

The video shows you just how easy it is to implement secure printing in your company. Your employees can log in easily and securely with any smartcard or token to enable secure pull printing. After users have scanned their cards at a printer, a printout with instructions and a personal access code is generated. Alternatively, they can use their mobile devices to scan a QR code on the printers in order to register for secure printing. Employees then log on to the Personal Printing portal with their personal access codes. From then on, users can instantly print with full security.

Personal Printing ensures that only authorized users access their documents. Only after the employees have identified themselves at the printer’s Release Station using a smartcard or badge can they receive their printout. This way, Personal Printing ensures that documents are always printed confidentially. The secure printing solution offers you full flexibility as it can be seamlessly integrated into any printing environment and is fully compatible with any printer model and manufacturer.

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