Secure Print Release
with the Personal Printing Release Station

User-authenticated printing with any printer and any proximity card

Personal Printing provides for secure print release via mobile authentication, PIN entry at printers or with the Personal Printing Release Station. ThinPrint’s print release station enables printer-independent document release, making it ideal for mixed equipment fleets. Employees use proximity cards to securely release their documents at the printer.

Secure print release at any printer with ThinPrint's release station.


  • Simple self-registration: Employees register themselves for secure printing by scanning their smart cards or tokens at a Personal Printing Release Station thereby generating a printout with an individual access code. Self-enrollment can be carried out without any assistance from IT support.
  • Printer manufacturer independence: User authentication for any printer model
  • Free choice of contactless cards: Secure printing with any card reader, support of all employee ID cards (NFC cards like Mifare, FeliCA or LEGIC) and security tokens
  • Up to 4 card readers per Personal Printing Station: You can connect up to 4 card readers to each Personal Printing Station. Therefore, in a printer room with 4 different printers, one Release Station is sufficient to pick up pull printing jobs from the most suitable printer.
  • Print data encryption: Secure printing with SSL/TLS encryption* from the server to the release station and encrypted storing of print jobs on the Personal Printing server
  • Additional service: ThinPrint’s Advanced Replacement Service ensures rapid replacement of devices in case of hardware problems.

* in combination with the ThinPrint Engine

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