Better Printing with Thin Clients

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Thin clients enable significant cost savings thanks to their low purchasing costs and their easy, centralized management. However, printing with thin clients is often challenging: Printer drivers can’t be installed, but are necessary for local printing. When using central print servers, companies facing further problems such as complicated network printing in remote branch offices. Often not just printing performance is unsatisfactory but session performance is also severely impacted. This is often the reason for the lack of user acceptance in thin client projects.

Fortunately there is a simple solution that solves all these challenges, and that solution is ThinPrint.


Better Printing with Thin Clients


Full flexibility and the best performance for thin client printing

With ThinPrint, businesses print perfectly even when using of thin and zero clients. And employees receive their printouts in full quality on their local and network printers regardless of the actual print scenario in place.


  • High-performance printing thanks to Advanced Adaptive Compression in remote branch offices, for network printing (TCP/IP) and when printing via the virtual channel (RDP, ICA/HDX, PCoIP) as well as other innovative ThinPrint features like SpeedCache. More on print data compression »
  • Connection-oriented bandwidth management ensures that session performance is never compromised by printing.
  • Full thin and zero client support: All leading thin client manufacturers have already integrated ThinPrint software into their hardware. For remaining thin clients, the ThinPrint software can be installed on them or in many instances, a ThinPrint component is embedded in network or other printers.
  • Powerful thin client printing in all environments – whether with Citrix Virtual Apps (XenApp), Microsoft VDI or VMware.
  • Best printing results even with a central print server: ThinPrint is the only solution that allows users even when using a central print server to print via the RDP, ICA/HDX and PCoIP protocols. Even in these scenarios, all printing performance benefits like compression are fully available.
  • Driver Free Printing on the remote desktop session host and the virtual desktops, as well as on the thin and zero clients. More on Driver Free Printing »
  • Centralized management of the printing environment, suitable for centralized management of desktops, applications as well as thin and zero clients.

Reliable printing with thin and zero clients on any network and local printers in all virtual and remote desktop environments are only possible with ThinPrint.


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Thin Clients: Simply better printing with any device

One important advantage with ThinPrint technology is its universal hardware support. Find devices with an integrated ThinPrint Client.

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