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ThinPrint optimizes printing in any environment, and more importantly, allows employees to focus on what really matters. From healthcare professionals having more time for patients to banking staff advising customers, ThinPrint brings tangible time and financial savings to any industry.


ThinPrint improves healthcare

Essential ehealth printing

Continually-optimized care of patients is at the heart of healthcare. In order to achieve this, the healthcare sector increasingly relies on digitalization and mobility. An important component is flexible access to electronic health records (EHR) while fully respecting patient data security. At the same time, public and private medical institutions are under pressure to keep IT costs to a minimum without impacting employee productivity and patient satisfaction. ThinPrint always has the right solution: it guarantees print data security and fast printouts in the required quality – with any application, on any printer, and whether mobile or from any workstation.

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Banking and Finance

Invest in Printing with ThinPrint

Invest in Printing with ThinPrint

The financial industry continues to grow once again, and the focus remains on keeping costs low and productivity high while never compromising security. Printing remains essential, from printing contracts to updated sales figures and financial records. ThinPrint optimizes print environments and saves direct costs as well as time. Improved print administration will benefit financial advisors, management and administrators alike.

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