Printing in the Financial Services Sector

ThinPrint Ensures Secure and Stable Printing in the Banking and Insurance Sectors

At the very latest since the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force, data security requirements have increased significantly. It is therefore particularly important for banks, finance and insurance service providers to make targeted investments in the right security strategy. Data protection requires not only a high level of access security and sophisticated risk management, but also secure and reliable printing. Printing malfunctions have a negative impact on data security and compliance, disrupt business-critical processes and result in high costs, whether for infrastructure maintenance or frequent helpdesk calls.

ThinPrint guarantees high-performance and flexible printing with the highest possible data security and minimum administration effort – for the benefit of customer advisors, finance and insurance experts, management and system administrators.

ThinPrint ensures secure and high-performance printing in banks and insurance companies.

Ensuring Data Security and System Stability

ThinPrint ensures maximum security for sensitive data by encrypting transmitted print data.

When processing personal (i.e. customer) data, a printout left forgotten in the printer tray is sufficient to enable data theft. To prevent data-sensitive documents from falling into the wrong hands, ThinPrint offers user-authenticated pull printing. Only after financial institution or insurance company employees have authenticated themselves at the printer can they receive their printout. In addition, ThinPrint protects confidential information with end-to-end TLS-encrypted transmission of print data. ThinPrint’s high-availability technology prevents server failures that can often significantly impede workflows in banks, insurance companies and other financial service providers.

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Simple, Central Administration

Banks and insurance companies are often large organizations with numerous employees at many different locations. Complex and heterogeneous IT infrastructures in particular benefit from ThinPrint’s centralized, enterprise-wide print management, which integrates seamlessly into any environment, regardless of whether the financial institution relies on Citrix, Microsoft or VMware. Driver Free Printing eliminates the need for administrators to install and maintain printer drivers on clients and terminal servers. This drastically reduces the IT workload and avoids driver problems. Small plug & play print appliances are used in branch offices, so that neither local print servers nor technical know-how for print management are even required.

ThinPrint's central print management is ideal for banks and insurance companies

Save Costs

ThinPrint helps companies of all sizes reduce printing costs.

Print and output management can quickly drive up operating costs, especially in internationally-oriented financial service companies or investment banks. This is where ThinPrint’s centralized print management and continuous monitoring of print processes pays off. The connection-oriented bandwidth control and print data compression of up to 98% significantly speeds up print output while reducing data load and reducing the overall burden on the network. In addition, cost-saving printing (e.g. duplex or b/w printing) can be preset, which also further reduces printing costs. Thanks to tracking of the print volume, print resources can be distributed evenly and helpdesk calls and printer downtimes can be reduced.

Highest levels of user-friendliness – also for mobile employees

With technologies such as streaming and SpeedCache, ThinPrint ensures that employees in banks and insurance companies can consistently pick up their printouts quickly. A uniform, clear print dialog also ensures that employees in all departments and branch offices can easily print their documents. With the intuitive Printer Self Service, they can also specify their favorite printers or themselves take the first steps to solve issues, should they arise.

The financial and insurance industries are also increasing their use of tablets and smartphones, especially in the frontline customer service area. With ThinPrint Mobile Print, mobile bank and insurance employees can print seamlessly to all corporate printers from any location. ThinPrint also has the right solution for iPad and iPhone users who need to print directly from a remote or virtual desktop session to local AirPrint™ printers.

ThinPrint's easy-to-use printing solution allows bank employees to print safely and easily from mobile devices

Optimized processes – more time for day-to-day business

ThinPrint Engine supports smooth workflows through optimal print management and highly-reliable print results. Benefit from print data compression, high availability and many other valuable features.

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Secure protection of customer data through authentication at the printer

Personal Printing ensures the secure output of customer data and contracts to common-use network printers. Document output takes place only once employees have authenticated themselves directly at the printer.

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