Essential eHealth Printing

ThinPrint meets all printing challenges found in the healthcare sector: it guarantees print data security and fast printouts in the required quality – with any application, on any printer, and whether mobile or from any workstation.

Continually-optimized care of patients is at the heart of healthcare. In order to achieve this, the healthcare sector increasingly relies on digitalization and mobility. An important component is flexible access to electronic health records (EHR) while fully respecting patient data security. At the same time, public and private medical institutions are under pressure to keep IT costs to a minimum without impacting employee productivity and patient satisfaction.

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Better patient service

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Patients are often cared for by changing teams in shift operations, in different wards and mobile as outpatients. With ThinPrint you ensure that printouts are always quickly available. Staff can print patient data and more from different applications and locations always to the correct printer – even if rotating staff are using common workstations or smartphones and tablets.


Increase employee productivity

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Whether referrals, findings, prescriptions, lab labels – in hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare institutions – a wide range of formats are required to be printed every day. ThinPrint optimizes and accelerates work processes through reliable printing results and highly-stable printing processes.

Save time and money

ThinPrint helps companies of all sizes reduce printing costs.

Often, fewer staff are providing for an increasing number of patients, and in IT departments the drive to reduce costs remains under way. ThinPrint’s easy-to-implement print system significantly reduces administrative overhead and print-related helpdesk requests. ThinPrint drives down the cost of IT through server consolidation, lowering bandwidth needs, the flexible use of existing printers and low-cost thin clients as well as paper and toner-saving pull printing. Thanks to flexible reporting, cost drivers are easily identified and eliminated.

Secure patient data

ThinPrint ensures maximum security for sensitive data by encrypting transmitted print data.

ThinPrint ensures maximum security for sensitive patient data by encrypting transmitted print data. In addition, ThinPrint enables secure printing, where documents are only printed once the authorized hospital employee has authenticated directly at the printer.

Perfect for virtual desktops too

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Remote apps and virtual desktop technology are increasingly being used in the healthcare sector. This means that healthcare staff can access patient data centrally provided by EHR systems and other applications from any location, including smartphones and tablets. ThinPrint is perfectly suited for hospital IT systems with Citrix, VMware and Microsoft environments, as well as when using thin clients and mobile devices. In addition, the new ThinPrint LPD Service, which is designed for high availability, ensures that patient data from EMR (Electronic Medical Records) systems can be printed automatically with permanently defined print objects.

Optimized processes – more time for your patients

Improve the day-to-day running of your hospital or clinic with optimized print management and reliable printing results. Take advantage of print data compression, bandwidth control, driver management and many other features.

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Full patient data protection with user authentication at the printer

Personal Printing ensures secure printing of patient data to public network printers. Documents are only printed once an employee authenticates directly at the printer, ensuring printouts never fall into the wrong hands.

Personal Printing