Easy to Manage Printing Service for Distributed Healthcare Facilities

Easy to manage printing service for distributed healthcare facilities

The Challenge:
118 health facility locations, which are part of the Fondation, are connected to one data center with variable bandwidth connections. In order to meet the business requirements, the Fondation chose to centralize the Citrix printing environment via the central Citrix XenApp infrastructure. Network performance also needed to be guaranteed to the benefit of all health facility locations.

The Solution:
All printouts from the Citrix environment in the data center are controlled via two central print servers using ThinPrint Engine and ThinPrint’s high availability feature. Print data is compressed and sent from the central print servers to the remote sites. The documents are then collected by the users at the printers as usual. During the printing process, the print jobs are decompressed by the ThinPrint Hub to the selected printer in the individual locations.

The Result:

“The choice of ThinPrint Engine with ThinPrint Hubs met our expectations in terms of accelerated printing processes, cost management and security enhancement. ThinPrint solutions ensure we deliver a fast and easily-manageable printing service, to all our health facility locations.”

Stéphane Gatterre, Technical and Information Systems Security Manager – Fondation Partage & Vie


  • Sector/industry: Health & Social Care
  • Solution: ThinPrint Engine and ThinPrint Hub
  • Environment: Citrix XenApp

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