Clinic treats difficult GPO printer mapping with ThinPrint


The MVZ Gelenk-Klinik orthopedic outpatient clinic in Gundelfingen is virtually the gateway to the facility’s diagnostic and care chain. The patient is examined, informed, treated and referred there, and in 2019, approximately 20,000 patients were treated in Gundelfingen.

Difficulties were encountered again and again during printing and the assignment of printers to workstations and printer trays via group policies caused problems in particular. “In the hospital sector, there are many different requirements for printing. Especially the many different printer trays and formats were always a big challenge, also for our IT service provider,” reports Patrick Dietsche, technical manager of the MVZ. It was also the IT service provider Braun IT-Solutions who advised the MVZ to use ThinPrint. Instead of difficult GPO printer mapping, the printers and the trays are now mapped via ThinPrint AutoConnect.

Mr. Dietsche: “Each PC was an isolated solution on its own. Since we have ThinPrint, we can manage this clearly and centrally. In addition, the workload for our IT service provider has decreased, which has led to a reduction in costs.”

Patrick Dietsche is also satisfied with the support from the ThinPrint staff: “Super fast and friendly support.”