ThinPrint 13

The New Way of ThinPrint Printing

The new ThinPrint 13 version makes ThinPrint’s proven print management even easier and faster. We have integrated the latest technologies to make your printing process as smooth and secure as possible.

The New Features

All print options also for V4 drivers

Benefit from easier and faster printer deployment. Now you can use all printer driver types, including the drivers currently supplied with Windows. Whether secure pull printing, high-availability printing or automatic printer assignment – with ThinPrint 13, all time-tested ThinPrint features are also available for class drivers.

ThinPrint supports V4 drivers
Easy remote management of ThinPrint Hubs

Remote management of ThinPrint Hubs now even more convenient

You can now access your remote ThinPrint Hubs directly from the Microsoft Management Console. With ThinPrint 13, the Hub Cloud Management (ezeep Admin Portal) is displayed in the MMC snap-in of the ThinPrint Engine. Here you can conveniently connect all your ThinPrint Hubs to the ezeep cloud and manage them centrally. Thanks to the ezeep Cloud, you can remotely manage your ThinPrint Hubs in your branch offices without VPN or local IT staff.

ThinPrint Management Console in new design

Thanks to our even more user-friendly and intuitive management console, you will never lose track of the license distribution in your company.

ThinPrint Managament Console in new design
The ThinPrint Windows Service Client can now process print jobs in parallel

The Windows Service Client now prints even better

We have further improved the performance of our Windows Service Client. This means that your employees can now print even faster and more efficiently – for example, in branch offices with large print volumes. Local print servers can now be used by significantly more users without having to make concessions in terms of print speed. 

Printer Self-Service for selected user groups

Provide selected user groups with quick and easy access to their printers via GPO using our trusted ThinPrint Self Service Portal. For example, you can specify that a fixed configuration is assigned via AutoConnect for invoice printing, while employees in other departments or branches should be able to select their printers independently in the Self Service Portal and specify standard properties themselves.

Give selected user groups easy and fast access to their printers
Assign printers on multiple clients with just one rule

Enhanced AutoConnect optimizes printer assignment

Assign a printer to multiple clients with just one rule: Not every environment allows you to form device groups via “IP range” in device-based printer assignment. However, in ThinPrint AutoConnect you can now also group devices by their computer names. Therefore, you can, for example, group all computers in a training room and assign them the appropriate printer.

What else?

Besides these great new features, we have more news for you:

  • We have updated our installer to make the installation process easier.
  • The license server now supports fully automatic subscription renewal by default.
  • From now on, the ThinPrint Engine is also available via the Azure Marketplace. Now you can implement perfect print management for the private cloud with just a few clicks.
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