Printer Self Service and Troubleshooting


With the Self Service printing options in ThinPrint’s new version 11, you are enabled to manage your own print queues and light troubleshooting is possible. The good thing for you: You don’t need the technical know-how to do so. You don’t even need Windows permissions to access their control panel.

With the user-friendly printer self service you add printers to the pre-assigned ones. You can find newly acquired printers, printers with certain print options. Or you can find printers which you wish to use while visiting a branch office via a simple printer search. When you are working and you feel like something has gone wrong, you also have the option to repair your own printers. You can activate high availability, failover functions or you can unmap or remap your existing print queue.

Features you can profit from

  • You can search printers are easily by the printer name, location or features.
  • You as a user can define your default and favorite printers as well as change any of your own print settings.
  • Printer Repair feature enables troubleshooting for you as an end user

Advantages you will get

  • Intuitive for users to use.
  • Easy for you as an IT administrator to set up – user rights on print servers are taken into account.
  • You can use printers anywhere and flexibly, and you add new printers easily.
  • You make optimal use of the corporate printer fleet and reduce helpdesk requests


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