High Availability: Printing Has Never Been so Reliable

Live Demo: Failover Printing


After the loss of Windows print server clusters with Windows Server 2012 and 2016, the question arises as to how high availability can be ensured for printing. Microsoft’s virtualization solution Hyper-V doesn’t offer any real help with failover printing. When it comes to server virtualization, print errors are simply duplicated from one server to the next once a new virtual machine is started up.

ThinPrint is different – its print solution not only checks the availability of the servers, but also all printing processes based on print-specific criteria. If, for example, printer mapping problems occur, the system automatically switches over to another print server (failover). In addition, server load balancing can be used to evenly distribute the print volume to at least two servers within a group. Also, ThinPrint provides failover for printers and thanks to this, a different printer from a predefined group automatically takes over when a printer encounters a problem.

Learn more about ThinPrint’s holistic approach to high availability printing in the video. In a live demo, we show you just how smooth the automatic switchover from one print server to another is.

The advantages summarized for you:

  • Reliable printing thanks to failover and load balancing for print servers and printers.
  • Improved print performance and optimal utilization of existing resources thanks to evenly distributed print volume across several devices (load balancing).
  • Maintenance mode at the push of a button allows maintenance to be carried out during running operations and at normal office hours
  • High availability printing ensures business continuity and high productivity
  • Less burden on IT departments and minimized support requests

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