Best Practices: Printing from On Premise/Private Cloud Environments vs Cloud Rendering


With more options for companies on how, where, and who controls various aspects of their IT infrastructure, it is important to simply & securely provide users the features they need no matter where they are working. One segment of enterprise technology that remains important is printing. Moving users to VDI, WVD, remote desktop, application servers, or one of many more options for user sessions can complicate how users can print to a printer where they are physically located. Companies can also be faced with the decision on whether to manage their own print infrastructure or move to a serverless print environment.

Thanks to ThinPrint & ezeep, we can simplify this decision by providing simple management of your on premise/private cloud infrastructure or via cloud hosted serverless print environments.

Join Brock McKenna, Presales Engineer at ThinPrint / ezeep, in this web session to learn how companies can determine the best print infrastructure for their environment. We demonstrate the pros and cons of managing the print environment in your on premise or private cloud vs moving to a serverless print environment. We also explain our cloud rendering feature and the added cost savings it offers.

✓ Using ThinPrint for On Premise or Private Cloud Environments
✓ Using ezeep Blue for On Premise or Private Cloud Environments
✓ Serverless Print Environments with ezeep Blue
✓ Demo of ezeep

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