NEW: High-Availability Printing for Backend Systems

December 8, 2023
Hochverfügbares Drucken

ThinPrint has developed the ThinPrint LPD Service to enable high-availability printing from ERP, EMR and CRM systems. This innovative service combines proven high availability technology with a network load balancer (NLB) to prevent downtime.

For companies and institutions relying on ERP, CRM or EMR systems such as SAP, Oracle or Epic, its crucial that printing systems run reliably. The ThinPrint LPD Service ensures that print jobs run smoothly, even in complex environments.

“The ThinPrint LPD Service is an elegant and powerful solution for our customers. It perfectly complements our ThinPrint universe and ensures uninterrupted printing,” explains Charlotte Künzell, CEO of ThinPrint GmbH.

Learn more about the ThinPrint LPD Service on our website.