Fast Printing on Construction Sites with ThinPrint

Printing on construction sites is important

Klenk & Meder relies on ThinPrint for compressing print data when printing plans.

In 1968, Herbert Klenk and Helmut Meder laid the foundation for the company as it stands today. In just four decades, what began as a two-man electrical installation business has grown into a renowned company with over 750 employees. Klenk & Meder is a competent contact for electrical engineering in Austria. Their services range from plant and building technology (consultation, assembly, and service) to wholesale of installation materials and retail of electrical materials and household, kitchen, and TV appliances. Further offices in Krems, Vienna, and Wieselburg support its headquarters in St. Pölten, Austria.

In the construction ancillary industry, as Sysadmin Franz Ulrich reports, virtually every larger construction site can be considered a branch office. Printed documentation is essential in this construction site environment. So printing on construction sites is important. The problem however is that connections to construction sites or branch offices have extremely limited bandwidth. Therefore, printing on construction sites often occupied lines for a long time. By using ThinPrint, the print data stream is now compressed, making printing significantly faster.

Franz Ulrich says: “ThinPrint is clearly the market leader in compressing print data streams. And our Lexmark printers already have the client integrated.” Currently, a total of 190 named users are printing at Klenk & Meder . Franz Ulrich continued: “Disruptions practically never occur.”