Fast and Convenient Printing with Lexmark and ThinPrint

Perfect Lexmark printing with ThinPrint

Lexmark offers reliable, affordable printers solutions and multifunctional devices for any scenario, regardless of which industry you operate in or the size of your company. ThinPrint, the world’s leading provider of print management software and services, optimizes print infrastructure and increases enterprise productivity. The right ThinPrint solutions are available for a variety of Lexmark printers thanks to intensive development work. This means that companies can benefit from the essential ThinPrint features when using Lexmark devices in all IT architectures, without having to use external hardware.

Maximum performance with perfect compression

The ThinPrint Client integrated in Lexmark printers ensures successful communication with the ThinPrint Engine. Thanks to ThinPrint’s adaptive compression method, data volumes when transferring print jobs are reduced by up to 98%. The highly-compressed print data can be processed directly with the ThinPrint Client from the Lexmark printer. As a result, companies benefit from a significantly reduced burden on their corporate network and maximum performance. With the integrated ThinPrint Client, many other advantages of the ThinPrint technology can be used, including wide-ranging support of finishing options.

ThinPrint – Your partner for perfect printing with Lexmark

  • Decompress and decode print jobs directly
    The ThinPrint Client on Lexmark devices can receive encrypted, compressed print data directly from the ThinPrint Server, fully eliminating the need for a separate server or gateway.
  • User-friendly printing
    Thanks to ThinPrint’s virtual printer driver, the printer dialog is uniform and clear for users in any IT environment, no matter where the print job is triggered.
  • Secure and confidential printing with ThinPrint’s pull-printing solution
    With ThinPrint, you can securely print confidential documents on your Lexmark devices. ThinPrint’s Personal Printing allows user authentication via RFID cards or PIN input directly at the printer. Only after personal authentication by the user does the printing process start. This ensures that the security and confidentiality of documents is always guaranteed. In the printer’s display, you can select or delete jobs from the list of current print jobs. Download the Personal Printing Client for your Lexmark printer here.
  • Practical finishing options
    With ThinPrint’s advanced customization capabilities, Lexmark users take advantage of more than just the basic features of their multifunction printer – regardless of whether the company has physical desktops or a virtualization solution in place. Paper types, resolution, duplex printing and finishing options such as hole-punching, stapling, binding as well as N-up printing (printing of multiple pages on a single page) for example can all be used thanks to the ThinPrint Client.
  • Cloud printing in excellent quality
    ezeep makes mobile, location-independent printing with Lexmark easy. To do so, ThinPrint provides a variety of customized and tested printer drivers in the hosting center and assigns these drivers to the corresponding Lexmark printer models. The result is that stable cloud printing can be offered for many Lexmark devices with excellent print quality

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