How Businesses Enable Faster Print Output

Printing remains an indispensable part of day-to-day work. And many companies are still struggling with a slow print outs. The consequences include delayed work processes, frustrated employees, higher paper and toner consumption due to multiple restarts of print jobs and ultimately a significant burden on the network.

Especially images as well as special fonts and letters are the main cause of these sometimes enormous explosions in data volume. The resulting data then compete in networks with other applications for bandwidth or hinder the data transfer from and to branch offices or home workstations. The bad news is that with the normal Windows tools, this enormous growth in print data cannot be avoided. Additional, expensive data lines are only suitable to a limited extent in order to fully rectify the problem.

In this white paper, learn how, and with which technology, ThinPrint can help you compress print data and transfer it to the network so that slow printouts and negative impacts to networks and work productivity are a thing of the past.
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