Office Printing Today

Tom Howarth and Virtualization Practice explore today’s office printing landscape. Dive deeper into DaaS, VDI and mobile device printing and see how ThinPrint is a must have for your printing arsenal.

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Five Questions to Get Print Conversations Restarted in 2017

Article at The Imaging Channel about how to get print conversations restarted in 2017

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Printing with Windows Server 2016

Article at Computer Technology Review: Henning Volkmer, CEO ThinPrint Inc. about printing with Windows Server 2016

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T-Systems Zero Outage Certified Partner

Zero-Outage Printing: ThinPrint Now T-Systems Zero Outage Certified Partner

Within the framework of its partnership with ThinPrint, T-Systems uses the ThinPrint Engine for its hosted solutions when printing. This solution combined with ThinPrint’s unrivaled support ensures T-Systems now delivers a zero outage culture dedicated to maximum availability also when it comes to printing.

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VMworld Survey: High Availability for Printing

At this year’s VMworld events in Las Vegas and Barcelona, we surveyed over 1,500 booth visitors on virtualization and high availability aspects of printing.

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Windows Server Upgrades – A Print Opportunity

In an article at The Imagingchannel, Henning Volkmer, CEO ThinPrint Inc. writes about Windows Server Upgrades – A Print Opportunity.

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Jetzt verfügbar: ThinPrint 11 bietet Hochverfügbarkeit

Now Available: ThinPrint 11

Printing has never been so easy and flexible. With ThinPrint 11, high-availability and reliability achieve new dimensions when printing.

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ThinPrint has now also opened an office in China.

ThinPrint Opens Office in China

ThinPrint, provider of the world’s leading print management software, has now also opened an office in China. With its Beijing office, the software manufacturer will intensify its activities in the Middle Kingdom and better serve its existing and prospective customers on site.

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Now available: ThinPrint Management Services Automates the Management of Windows Print Environments

ThinPrint Management Services is now available. It is a powerful and nimble tool to quickly and easily set up and manage large Windows print environments.

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SEH Computertechnik GmbH and ThinPrint GmbH have successfully been working together for 10 years now.

10 Years of Partnership with SEH Computertechnik GmbH

SEH Computertechnik GmbH and ThinPrint GmbH have successfully been working together for 10 years now. This means 10 years of partnership in the area of development and marketing and a lot of successful and quickly implemented customer and development projects.

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Henning Volkmer, President and CEO at ThinPrint, Inc. Presents ThinPrint Innovations during a Citrix Ready Partner Product Demo at Synergy 2016

In a six-minute live demo, Henning Volkmer, President and CEO of ThinPrint Inc. speaks about the latest evolution of ThinPrint products.

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Delivering High Availability for Printing

Ensure that printing is always available when needed: ThinPrint 11 adds high availability to the many other ThinPrint benefits.

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ThinPrint Hub Wins "Best of Citrix Synergy 2016" Finalist Award

ThinPrint Hub Wins “Best of Citrix Synergy 2016” Finalist Award in Desktop and Application Delivery Category

At this year’s Citrix Synergy in Las Vegas, ThinPrint received an important award. The ThinPrint Hub was a finalist in the “Best of Citrix Synergy 2016” Desktop and Application Delivery category. ThinPrint CFO, Frank Hoffmann accepted the award at the official ceremony.

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ThinPrint´s pull printing solution app Personal Printing is Citrix Ready

ThinPrint’s pull printing solution app Personal Printing verified as Citrix Ready

Now it is official: Our pull printing solution app, Personal Printing, has been verified as Citrix Ready®. That means that it is trusted to enhance Citrix networking and virtualization solutions. ThinPrint’s Personal Printing app completed a rigorous verification process to ensure compatibility with Citrix Worx, providing confidence in joint solution compatibility.

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Buyers Lab BLI Reviews ThinPrint Engine

In April, Buyers Lab took a close look at ThinPrint Engine. Titled ThinPrint Engine 10: Taming the Print Environment, Senior Editor Priya Gohil wrote a detailed review.

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ThinPrint Hub is now available

Now available: ThinPrint Hub allows simple integration of printers with centralized printing infrastructure

We now offer our own hardware. The ThinPrint Hub, which is available for sale from today, was created for companies to easily integrate branch offices and home offices into the central IT infrastructure. In conjunction with the ThinPrint Engine software, the ThinPrint Hub delivers centralized print management, highly-optimized print data transfer, and secure encrypted delivery of print jobs, even when printing over the Internet.

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New with Personal Printing 3.0

Protect your sensitive data! Personal Printing ensures secure printing – right from the transmission of print jobs to the printouts at the printer. Benefit from the new features in Personal Printing 3.0.

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ThinPrint Engine

New Version: ThinPrint Engine 10.6 FR1

Security is an important aspect when it comes to printing. To ensure this, many companies use expensive VPN connections for printing in branch offices. Thanks to ThinPrint Connection Service this is no longer necessary. The ThinPrint Connection Service is used to create the ThinPrint Secure Tunnel.

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Frank Hoffmann – CFO,ThinPrint GmbH

New ThinPrint Partner Program: Free Online Membership, Immediate Technical Support for Projects

ThinPrint kicks off the new year with a significantly improved partner program. The most important change is that entry as a registered reseller is now free. The new program provides extensive support for sales and marketing along with technical support during rollout of projects.

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The perfect addition to ThinPrint Engine

Preannouncement: ThinPrint Hub

With ThinPrint Engine, print management is easily centralized. To make it even easier and to rollout the ThinPrint Client across the entire enterprise, ThinPrint will next year launch its own hardware: ThinPrint Hub.

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