Now Available: Personal Printing 4.0 with Self-Registration

March 13, 2018
Welcome to Personal Printing

Personal Printing 4.0 is now available. The new version of ThinPrint’s Pull-Printing solution enables a simple introduction of secure, GDPR-compliant printing thanks to user self-registration. Employees can now easily register themselves at any printer – with any smartcard or other transponder.

Personal Printing is ideal for all companies and also for service providers who want to introduce secure, cost-saving printing without on-site tasks. The solution can be used with any network printer from any manufacturer.

Self-registration couldn’t be easier. Employees can log on to the ThinPrint Release Station using any transponder, for example their employee ID card, credit card, public transport card or fitness club card. After the card has been scanned, a document is printed with a code specially generated for the employee. This code allows the user to register for Personal Printing. The setup process is then complete.

If the employee wants to print, he or she simply chooses the Personal Printing printer. If he authenticates himself with his self-registered card on any printer of his choice, the printout starts as desired and he can collect it from the output tray directly at the printer. Printouts can therefore be collected flexibly at any printer and at the same time are fully protected from third-party access.

See just how easy self-registration for confidential printing is in our 90-second video.

More information about Personal Printing can be found here:

» Personal Printing: Secure printing with pull printing

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