Now Available: ezeep Dash for Easy Print Management Without Servers

January 30, 2018
ezeep Dash allows print management without servers.

With ezeep Dash, printers and printer drivers can fully be managed via a clearly organized portal. ezeep Dash doesn’t require any server and users print locally eliminating the need for an internet connection to the portal.

Printers are defined and assigned to users thanks to a clearly organized web console. When selecting the printers, admins can choose from a pool of printer drivers provided by ThinPrint or upload their own drivers. The deployment of IT specialists on site, for example in branch offices, is not necessary, nor is the operation of a server.

The ezeep software automatically rolls out to the local computers, enabling employees to immediately use the printers assigned to them. If required and approved by the administrator, employees can also set up additional printers for their individual needs or modify printer properties in the ezeep Dash Self Service Portal.

One important aspect: printing itself is always completely local and doesn’t take place via the cloud. As a result, no Internet connection is required for printing.

A free 30-day demo account for 10 users can be set up easily at:

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Looking for a
Google Cloud Print Alternative?

Google has ended its popular cloud printing service. No need to worry though: ezeep Blue is now free for private users.