ThinPrint 12 With Spooler Failure Early Warning System

December 2, 2019
Dynamic Licensing AD

The new version further improves the stability and reliability of printing environments.

Monday, December 2, 2019 — ThinPrint, the expert in corporate print management, has released a new version of its ThinPrint Engine printing solution. The on-premises software for remote and virtual desktop printing offers extensive enhancements for stable, high-availability printing environments.

ThinPrint 11 was the first print management solution to introduce load balancing and failover to ensure high-availability enterprise printing. This was an important feature since Windows Server 2012 eliminated print server clusters jeopardizing high-availability printing. High availability remains in demand and ThinPrint 12 adds additional important functionality.

This new version includes an early warning system for spooler problems that examines the speed of spool processes and redirects print jobs to other servers if a timeout occurs. This proactively prevents printing outages. With ThinPrint 12, administrators have a central overview of spooler issues on desktop computers. Also, settings for high availability can be made via group policies. In addition, the ThinPrint Secure Tunnel used for the protected transfer of print data from remote and branch offices to head offices can now be operated in high availability mode. To ensure the failure of one server doesn’t have any negative effect on printing, all connections are dynamically distributed to the existing servers. This means that if one secure tunnel fails, another is automatically used.

“With our new ThinPrint version, we’re once again bringing high availability to a completely new level,” says Charlotte Kuenzell, CEO of ThinPrint. “Furthermore, our customers will benefit from the improved usability with newly added application scenarios as well as wide-ranging performance improvements.”

Another enhancement is that the ThinPrint license server is now multi-client capable. Service providers can now use a single license server for all their tenants, as the user administration is separated, and each end customer can only see and manage their own user and domain structure.

The new version optimizes the dynamic synchronization of ThinPrint licenses with the Active Directory, Printer Self Service usability as well as support for encryption standards and operating systems. Last but not least, a universal installer for Microsoft, Citrix or VMware environments allows ThinPrint 12 to be installed easily and in less than 30 minutes.