Printing with Citrix and ThinPrint

When a few conditions are taken into account, Citrix provides good opportunities to prevent many problems from affecting your print landscape. However, some important basic facts must be taken into consideration.

For instance, two Citrix systems are always required for compression purposes between head office and branch offices. All the necessary functions of the multi-function printers can also be controlled, but there is no possibility of selecting printer trays, for example. Thus complete centralization of the print landscape is rather difficult to implement with Citrix, because a Citrix server must be available in the branch office for compression purposes.

This is where ThinPrint technology intervenes and enables the elimination of branch office servers and central administration of the entire print environment, irrespective of location, connection, and size.

In this white paper you will learn how to:

  • render print drivers on the Client side and on the Citrix server superfluous
  • eliminate print servers in branch offices
  • compress print data optimally
  • save 98% of WiFi bandwidth

Download this white paper and find out everything you need to know about printing in Citrix environments.

Download White Paper