Polish Bank Benefits from Increased System Stability and Fast Printouts


SKOK Kujawiak is the largest mutual savings bank in the Polish region of Kujawy with 28 branches. Their mixed, virtualized environment consists of components from Microsoft, VMware, and Citrix. Printing in this environment was a major challenge. Limited bandwidth, printer driver management and printer driver conflicts were just some of the problems that had to be overcome.

The Solution:

The ThinPrint Engine was installed on a dedicated print server, thereby solving the printing problems. Faster printing and increased system stability are just some of the many benefits. ThinPrint V-Layer™ technology keeps terminal servers and print servers free of native printer drivers, significantly reducing administrative time and effort.

“In our IT environment, the ThinPrint Engine solves a whole slew of problems. Time-consuming driver management, limited bandwidth and server crashes were just some of the things that gave us headaches before we started using the solution. Thanks to ThinPrint we can now concentrate once again on our other tasks.”

Zbugniew Rutkowski, IT Manager, SKOK Kujawiak


  • Industry: Banking
  • Solution: ThinPrint
  • Partner: Asseco Business Solutions SA

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