Cloud Provider Can Guarantee Fast Print Jobs

SpiderGroup Can Guarantee Fast and Large Print Jobs

SpiderGroup in Bristol hosts complete desktop solutions based on Microsoft Remote Desktop Services for professional service companies and charities. Customers want to print large print jobs, such as payroll quickly and smoothly on special printers. SpiderGroup sought a fast printing solution that is easy to configure and manage.

The Solution:

As a ThinPrint Service Providing Partner, SpiderGroup uses ThinPrint based on the competitively-priced Annual License Model. SpiderGroup enables its customers to benefit from low-cost and high-performance printing – even on special printers.

The Result:

Thanks to ThinPrint’s Driver Free Printing technology, SpiderGroup customers are completely free to choose their printer and can benefit from special receipt printers. SpiderGroup does not even need to know which printers are in use as the original drivers are installed on the customer’s local computers. Bandwidth control, compression and streaming ensure that printouts are delivered quickly, even large documents or pay slips.

“As cloud providers, we see ourselves as a one-stop-shop with a focus on reliability. Because printing for our customers is extremely important, we are glad that with ThinPrint we have a complete desktop solution, with excellent and fast printing results. Together with the rental model it is a low-cost and flexible solution.”

James Cook, CEO of SpiderGroup


  • Industry: Professional service companies and charities
  • Solution: ThinPrint
  • Environment: Microsoft Remote Desktop Services

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